Krishen Iyer Shares about his Career in Lead Generation

Krishen Iyer is the founder and the CEO of Managing Benefits Services. This company is aimed at generating leads, especially in the health insurance industry. Krishen is renowned for his input towards increasing the strong relationship between clients by improving communication. He has concentrated on online marketing and has been able to make an incredible success. His success has earned him a big name in the world of entrepreneurship. Iyer has been hosted for many interviews to share about his successful career. When he was asked to explain the difference in niche marketing to a decade ago, Iyer stated that in the past, Marketing was used to source leads which were then passed onto sales. The sales department was responsible for the qualification and conversion of the leads.


Krishen also noted that he believes in the business operation growth and advancement. He also believes in technology. Krishen Iyer affirmed that they have large data and credible analytic that helps them in getting the very best leads in the market which lead to higher and fast conversions. The main aim of Managing Benefits Services has abandoned the method of making use of agents to directly target clients. He also affirmed that data and analytics take them towards different and unusual direction at times. However, the chances are still increasing. This is, in turn, helping to raise the opportunities for the stakeholders and service providers. The norm is that this has been a people-oriented firm.


Krishen Iyer also noted that they currently have mobile marketing services that help their clients to customize their ads based on demographics, individual and locational data. Mobile marketing services show you all the ads that you are interested in and in the format of your choice on the device of your choice. These ads are converted into the preference of your lifestyle. This way, all individuals are capable of developing prospects that can guarantee in buying a policy. This is not how things used to be in the past. There has been great improvement and advancement following the implementation of the recent cutting-edge technological advancement

Sahm Adrangi Dicusses Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi was recently a speaker at the Kase Learn Conference held on March 3rd, 2018. The focus of his presentation was advertisement fraud and how companies paying for online advertising campaigns or being taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies.

To begin his presentation, Sahm Adrangi explained that his company, Kerrisdale Capital, has been in operation for 9 years and managing nearly $180 million dollars. The company, he says is heavily involved in short activism and they began publishing their research on short selling in 2010. He says that fraudulent Chinese companies existed in the market during that era and short sellers helped eradicate between 10 to 20 billion dollars worth of money entrusted to these companies. He went on to say that that the company is now concentrating primarily on more complicated sectors of the US market.

From there, Sahm Adrangi went on to explain some of the ways Kerrisdale Capital shares research with the public. The company shares information through their website, they will post to information to the Seeking Alpha website, and also share information via Twitter where the company’s handle is Keer. In addition to publishing information, he or other company representatives will also appear on CNBC or Bloomberg Television.

Sahm Adrangi then got into the heart of his presentation explaining that advertisement fraud is a method of falsely representing the number of online clicks or impressions in order to falsely generate revenue.

He explained one common method that scammers are using as follows; the scammers will create a fake website, then using software they will create views to the website using that software, no humans are visiting the website and the traffic is all artificial. The scammers will then take money from companies looking to advertise their products. They will then pocket the money and the company that paid for the advertising will see no return on their investment. Another example of advertisement fraud he explained is known as click fraud, this occurs when scammers use software to artificially click on an ad instead of humans.

Sahm Adrangi went on to say companies are beginning to become aware these types of advertising fraud are occurring and many may soon alter where they invest their advertising budgets in the future. This could affect many companies who rely heavily on these companies investing much of their advertising budget to purchase online ads. He believes this could present an opportunity for short sellers in the future.

The Growth Of GreenSky And Its Program GreenSky Credit – Also, Let’s Take A Peek At Its CEO

Created 12 years ago, GreenSky is a company best known for GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit is a lending program that provides builders, manufacturers, businesses, and individuals with loans ranging from $1,000 to $55,000 per financing agreement through its mobile app or its website.

To this date, GreenSky Credit has worked with upwards of 1,900,000 customers that have solicited funding from 13,000 merchants across the United States.

The growth of GreenSky

Crestview Hills, Kentucky, is located in the Cincinnati, Ohio, metropolitan area. Located in Kenton County, Kentucky, the city is home to roughly 3,200 people. Crestview Hills is also home to GreenSky’s customer service call center. The center serves both English- and Spanish-speaking customers who are both considering applying for financing through GreenSky and those who have already established lending histories through GreenSky Credit.

GreenSky laid out an investment of roughly $7 million in the city of Crestview Hills, Kentucky; further, the city worked with GreenSky, a company based in Atlanta, Georgia, to provide a 10-year tax incentivization program to the company worth a total of $2 million.

Recent information shows that GreenSky employs just short of 1,000 individuals throughout the greater Cincinnati area and Atlanta, Georgia.

GreenSky’s founder and chief executive officer, David Zalik

Although his name isn’t exactly a household name, per se, David Zalik was considered an academic genius at an early age. He completed high school at the age of 14 and enrolled at the high-standards-having Auburn University in central Alabama. There, he founded the computer repair and sales business MicroTech Information Systems in his freshman year. David Zalik later founded companies like Phoenix, LLC, a commercial real estate investment company, and Outweb, Inc., a company that automated time-consuming, pesky business processes.

Zalik is also known as a member of the board of directors of Hands on Atlanta, the Marcus Community Center, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, three nonprofit organizations that are all located either directly in Atlanta or the Atlanta metropolitan area. He’s also won awards like the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2016.

Gareth Henry Confident in Investing with Brazil

In the year of 2014, the Managing Director of Fortress in London, England, expressed his confidence in starting investments and trade deals with Brazil. The UK Managing Director, Gareth Henry, looks at much more than just potential trades and investments of other countries to make his decisions, but also the ongoing political atmosphere. With Brazil’s 2014 election coming to a head at the time of Gareth Henry’s announcement, he had had plenty of time to study the various politics, and even has made some well educated guesses as to how the results will play out, and how those results will affect business.

Henry became the Managing Director of the Fortress Investment Group in 2007, and has since then applied his skills with expertise. seven years prior to gaining this position, Gareth Henry had graduated from the University of Edinburgh located in Scotland. There, he had spent his time studying actuarial mathematics.

Gareth Henry’s repertoire includes working with and building up relationships with clients both within and without the UK, as well as raising capital in these areas.

Due to his work and his studies, Gareth Henry has been awarded the title of Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

Because of this, it is easy to see why when Gareth Henry makes a statement or suggestion, everyone in his field is likely to listen. Henry’s skills and abilities undoubtedly make his a voice well worth taking into consideration.

At the same time as his statement about trade looking promising with Brazil, Henry also noted that Japan and the UK’s very own Scotland were also looking to present good trading opportunities. Much of the world can continue to look forward to more of his ideas and suggestions regarding trading and investments around the globe to come.

Digital Loan Application Process Brought into Function by GreenSky Credit

It has not been long since GreenSky Credit launched their online platform for loan application that has transformed the way customers can access credit from the financial institutions. The process has been made super-easy compared to the traditional process which involved some tedious steps that were very frustrating for the customer. Nowadays, the credit consumers can happily access funds borrowed from the financial institutions using an online platform that has been invented by GreenSky Credit. To ensure that the platform benefits the majority of the credit consumers in the market, GreenSky has entered into contracts with the smaller lenders, contractors and the merchants who sell home improvement products and other products that the consumers may be likely to require but lack adequate funding.

For instance, a contractor may be having clients who require construction services and may be construction materials. Since the contractors may be incapable of offering the products and the services to the customers on credit, the client is left with the option to seek a loan from the financial institutions. This becomes so discouraging to the customers after considering the amount of time and effort that they are likely to use before they access the funds. They prefer to remain in the status quo than the hassles that they are likely to experience with the creditors. To save the customers all this agony, GreenSky Credit comes into the picture and signs an agreement with the contractors. These contractors are mandated to provide the customers with the materials that they require on credit.

After the services are delivered to the customers, they are supposed to repay the amount owing to the contractor within pre-agreed installments and period. The contractors then have the assurance of GreenSky Credit that after the provision of the services they would get reimbursed for their stock. After the client pays back the debt, it goes to the Greensky, and also the lenders pay some small commission for the financial security they get from GreenSky. To make the process easier and less tedious, GreenSky Credit has come up with a digital platform that allows these transactions to be carried out easily and without a lot of movements by the customers.

How Larkin And Lacey’s Frontera Fund Is Serving As A Watchdog For Immigrant Groups

Ever since President Trump’s administration took office, more power has been given to ICE officials to detain immigrants or those they suspect of being illegally harbored even if no good cause for detainment or raids exists.

A lot of stories of these raids have been told by Frontera Fund founders Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey who have been longtime journalists and activists and their mission is to hold the Trump administration accountable and give of their funds to help immigrants seeking asylum or looking to pay their dues for becoming US citizens.

They spoke out against President Trump’s recent decision to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was famous for conducting controversial tactics that included targeting Mexican immigrants. But Larkin and Lacey’s story began before that.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey first became acquainted back in the early 1970s while they were both students at Arizona State university. They had decided to cover the Vietnam War protests because of what they deemed was unfair coverage of events like the Kent State shootings and other events happening around the country. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

They began their official news publishing company, Village Voice Media in the 1980s and from there began hiring reporting teams and building an immense operation with headquarters in Phoenix primarily where the main edition of their New Times paper was published, but they also had it published in other cities. The most important stories to be covered in their paper dealt with Sheriff Arpaio.

Arpaio had always detested the coverage the Phoenix New Times had given his department, but a particular story that made his public image scandalous made him very irate that he had Larkin and Lacey arrested in the middle of the night. Learn more about Jim Michael and Michael Lacey: and

Thanks to backlash from the public against Arpaio plus s judge’s ruling that Arpaio had no probable cause or enough evidence for a warrant in his arrest, he was forced to let Larkin and Lacey go. But the New Times owners decided they needed to take action of their own to make sure neither they nor any immigrant groups would be harmed in the future by Arpaio’s actions.

They filed a lawsuit and won $3 million in the settlement, and with that money they started the Frontera Fund. They’ve been proud to help needy families and individuals who cannot find that kind of help elsewhere and in their words, they’re simply doing what their parents once taught them.

Greg James Aziz, The Man Who Single-Handedly Transformed National Steel Car Into A World Leader

It takes a dedicated, committed and passionate leader to help a business excel 1and these are qualities National Steel Car’s Chief executive officer, Gregory James Aziz possesses.


Born in 1949 in Ontario, James Aziz is the perfect definition of excellent leadership. Under his belt, National Steel Car, a company which was once on the throes of failure became one of the leading firms in railroad freight and tank car manufacturing. It, however, took relentless efforts and a lot of dedication to achieve what he has accomplished today. Below is the journey of the renowned Gregory James Aziz and National steel car.


How the journey began

James Aziz was not born CEO of National Steel Car, and neither was it a family business. Instead, he was born in London Ontario where he had to start his journey towards the apex of success like anyone else, and that is by getting academically ready. Greg James Aziz first enrolled at Ridley College where he qualified to join Western Ontario University. From his early days, Greg J Aziz was always interested in numbers and how the economy works which us why he majored in economics.


As soon as he saw the completion of his studies, instead of leaving his hometown in search of better pastures, Gregory decided that the grass at home was greener which is why he joined affiliated foods, his family business. Working here helped him lay an excellent foundation for his future career. By the time he was leaving affiliate foods, Greg had helped turn it into an international food company, importing fresh vegetables from all over the world and distributing them to other regions at wholesale price. View More Information Here.


He later left for New York where he worked with several prominent firms in the banking sector, and it is while here that he first encountered National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz used to work out their finances while working for a certain bank and thus learned about the financial trouble that the firm was undergoing. Being a man with a vision, he began chasing for its purchase, and in 1994, he procured the company under his name. Six years later, Gregory J Aziz had managed to steer National Steel Car out of its death bed and turned it into one of the world’s leading railroad freight companies. He increased its production by more than a 100% from 12000 cars to 35000 cars and even benefitted the community through jobs.


Today National Steel Car is a world leader in the production of railroad stock and has bagged awards such as the esteemed ISO90001:2008 and the TTX SECO quality award consistently for over a decade. Greg Aziz is indeed a leader who most business owners should emulate.


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Why PSI Pay and Western Union partnership is revolutionary

Over the years, money transfer (both digital and physical realities) has been partly inefficient due to lack of proper system. Fortunately, the collaboration of some of the most effective financial bodies, PSI Pay and the legendary Western Union will change the scope of money transfer. The union will change the reality of sending money (or payments) across borders.

The partnership will offer the clients with more flexibility and efficiency. Since the two platforms have (one of the best) systems, the partnership is beneficial to clients who want a faster way of making payments through different geographical locations and more specifically through different currencies. Western Union, for example, has been efficient in receiving and sending money in more than two hundred countries around the globe. It has huge connections with different banks around the world. On the other hand, PSI Pay has revolutionized how people make payments. With the two entities coming together, efficiency is not a farfetched notion.

The partnership between the two large entities gives the users undisputable assurance of security. One of the major concerns in the money transfer is determined how safe a specific system is to others. Fortunately, transferring money from Western Union to PSI Pay is not only efficient but also reliable. Western Union has a record of security, and this paints the perfect picture of how safe the typical system user is under this partnership.

The partnership between the two institutions is timely due to the following reason. According to different researches in the past years, there is a relatively higher number of clients (over 29%) relying on the services of institutions such as PSI-Pay. Bringing the efficiency and the capacity of Western Union to PSI Pay brings an excellent (and disruptive) advancement to the 29% retail world.

Traditionally, Western Union only engages banks around the world in transactions and sending money. The partnership with PSI Pay not only gives the money world a new direction but also shows the trust Western Union has in innovative institutions such as PSI Pay.

The mode of operation in this partnership is heavily dependent on e-money. With the popularity of cryptocurrency, e-money should not be termed as the same. There are many reasons why e-money is different from cryptocurrency. The relevant UK financial authority regulates the PSI Pay system of payment. This regulation protects the typical client from the unpredictability of the cryptocurrency. E-money is also one of the safest modes of transferring payments around the globe.

Offering Tailor-Made Financial Solutions to Its Clients

NexBank Capital Inc. provides services to their clients through three core businesses; Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutionalized services. Customized financial and banking services are tailor-made for institutions, corporate companies as well as financial institutions. The CEO and President of NexBank Capital Inc. was a panelist at the Texas Bankers Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Mr. Holt gave a talk on the topic of Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.

The annual conference

The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference invited leaders in the banking industry together with consultants and advisors to deliberate on views and different issues affecting community banking while identifying opportunities and challenges in the sector. The panelists use M&A activities, organic growth and branching to explore tactical opportunities in community banking. NexBank Capital works with a team of professionals whose main guiding principles are timeliness, reliability, and quality in execution. Through Commercial Banking, you can access credit services, commercial loans, real estate lending as well as agency services and treasury management. NexBank also partners with financial institutions to build a stronger financial market presence by helping them maximize their earnings and improving efficiency.

NexBank also assists clients to access their mortgage loans more efficiently by providing new and additional warehouse lines. Based on the current market needs, you will access personalized services with quick and flexible funding tailor-made for you. There are also customized services available for Financial Institutions tailored for their growth and expansion. NexBank provides strong partnership for those already in the money market by servicing treasury management, investment banking, public funds deposits, and providing advisory on real estate development.

About NexBank

NexBank also offers individual financial solutions for savings and credit as well as online banking solutions for its clients. NexBank Capital Inc. was founded in 1934 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. NexBank has 87 employees in three different locations and is currently ranked as the 152nd largest bank Nation-wide. NexBank has an A rating and its money market rates are presently at 4x on a national average.

Paul Herdsman: The Modern Day Entrepreneur

Paul Herdsman is a man that had a dream of his own. He once dreamed of becoming his own boss and running his own company. Today, he is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. NICE Global is a successful company that offers business solutions. The company is located in Jamaica, where Paul was born. The company’s services also offer improved customer retention among many other services.


Throughout his entrepreneurial experiences, Paul has learned many valuable lessons. One of them is that he realized the importance of finding a mentor. He has learned that it is important to find someone that is trustworthy. This person should also be someone that you can turn to for advice when things get a little hard, or when you simply just need another perspective. You want it to be someone whose opinion is valuable. This person also has to be someone you respect and who is a good listener. If you can find someone that shares the same business mindset as you do, they might be much more willing to help you start and grow your own business.


When you decide to start a company, it is best to constantly deliver a good product. Paul’s advice is to go above and beyond when delivering a product of value. He advises to do more than what the customer expects. If you do this correctly, your own customers will end up being your best advocates. Give the customer a reason to choose you over all the other businesses in your field.


One of the harder lessons to learn is that there are no shortcuts. We would all prefer things to have a cheat code of some sort. When it comes to building your own business, that is just not the case. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to put in many hours of hard work. Click Here to learn more about Paul’s business insights.


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