George Soros – winning in the markets and in life

George Soros is widely considered to be one of the greatest investors who have ever lived. Over the course of 45 years running his own hedge fund, Soros Fund Managment, Soros has managed to return over 25 percent per year, making him the undisputed king of returns over the recent history of the capital markets.

But unlike many of his plutocratic counterparts, Soros never had a great interest in acquiring vast wealth. On the contrary, for the majority of his formative years, Soros was primarily interested in the study of philosophy. After having enrolled at the London School of Economics, where he studied under famed philosophy professor Karl Popper, Soros had only one goal in life, to pursue the life of the mind and become a respected philosopher.

While at the London School of Economics, George Soros was heavily influenced by Popper’s seminal work, ‘The Open Society and Its Enemies’. The book had such a profound impact on the young Soros’ intellectual formation that he would later go on to name his flagship philanthropic organization after its title. The Open Society Foundations has become one of the most active philanthropic organizations in the world, directly contributing to the overthrow of tyrannical governments and working intensely for social change throughout America.

It was only upon graduating from the London School of Economics that Soros first realized that working as a professional philosopher would be a difficult row to hoe. Having a graduate degree in philosophy from the London School of Economics, he assumed that he would be able to easily find a job as a tenure-track professor. This was not to be the case. Visit this site to know more at

For a period of around five years, Soros bounced around from menial job to menial job, variously working as an itinerant salesman, a night clerk at a store and a salesman in a larger retail establishment. These jobs Soros found lacking in the extreme. He set about to find more meaningful work. A sense of ennui set in, and he endeavored to find more meaningful work. At the behest of a college friend, he applied to a Wall Street trading firm called Singer and Friedlander. This would turn out to be a seminal moment in Soros’s life. However, it was really nothing more than dumb luck that his first opportunity to work on Wall Street came about at all. Know more about George Soros on Investopedia.

Soros was amazed by how quickly he was hired at the firm. Over the next 15 years, Soros worked at a number of different trading firms and retail stock brokerage houses. Over this period, Soros learned the ins and outs of Wall Street, becoming a proficient navigator of the markets. His coworkers, however, noted that Soros was seemingly less interested in the routine of his daily work and more interested in developing his own philosophical ideas about the functioning of the capital markets.

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Sonoma’s Stand Out Cabernet: Vérité La Joie

Julia Jackson grew up surrounded by grapes and vineyards and the world of wine. She is now the spokesperson for her family’s business, the ever-growing Jackson Family Wines. Julia recalls picking grapes with her father as she was growing up, and her parents even named a vineyard after her when she was born. After attending Scripps College to study Studio Arts, Julia has dedicated her professional life to the business of winemaking. In addition to her role as spokesperson, Jackson also oversees the charity that she founded, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.

Julia has always believed in giving back to the community and through her hard work with Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, she is able to do so. It is Julia’s desire to empower young women to excel in the workplace no matter their background. Jackson believes that personal authenticity is a very important component of success. Inspired by her mother, Julia wanted to help other women who choose to pursue a professional life, especially those that may face challenges along the way.

The Jackson Family Wines company has always been known for its innovation and desire to discover new and exciting things in the world of wine. To this point, Julia Jackson has begun promoting the idea of introducing new grapes to different areas. Known for its Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, Sonoma has established itself as a successful and interesting wine region. It is Julia’s belief that Cabernets will also do exceedingly well in this area of the country. Cambria Estates has had some success there as well as Vérité La Joie, a Cabernet intensive wine created with the Bourdeaux process.

Julia Jackson has a lot going on in her life and is dedicated to her family, the winemaking business, and the many wonderful people that she meets through her charity.

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Fabletics Continues to See Success in Other Models

The original selling style of Fabletics was to create a personalized experience for everyone who was shopping with the company. When people made the decision to join Fabletics, they were offered a small collection of things that would work for their own style. This, of course, was easy for customers to change and they could still browse the other offerings that the site had but the reverse showroom model made it easy for the brand to pick out the clothes that would be perfect for the customer who was shopping for athleisure wear and other accessories that go hand in hand with the brand.


With other companies, there is a chance that the customers will not buy from the online store that they are shopping with. This is a problem because the stores need to make sure that they are converting the customers that they have into sales that they can take advantage of. Fabletics makes sure that customers are getting exactly what they need so that they are not just using the Fabletics site to try and browse the options that they have while planning to go a different route altogether with the shopping experience in a different store.


She has been with them through many changes and now, with the introduction of other selling opportunities for the brand, she knows that Fabletics is going to continue to flourish. The idea behind the company is providing convenience to women and, as a woman who puts a lot of value into convenient options for her own busy life, it is something that Kate can truly get behind.


As the company continues to grow into something that is so much bigger than a simple online pop-up location, they are planning on reaching out to other selling platforms. The most logical platform for them to go to next is Amazon. There, they won’t have to compete with themselves and they can enjoy the huge customer base that Amazon already has with both their fashion and their athletic customers. The move to include Amazon also goes in line with them spreading out into other areas – like brick and mortar retail – so that they can truly make the most out of their sales.