The U.S. Money Reserve Introduces Perth Mint 65th Anniversary Coronation Set U.S. Exclusive

The U.S. Money Reserve is bringing a brand new three coin set dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to U.S. shores. This low mintage set was the brainchild of the Perth Mint and U.S. Money Reserve is the exclusive distributor of this set in the United States.

Dedicated to the Queen

Millions of people worldwide tuned in to view the coronation of Elizabeth II in June of 1953. Her Majesty’s coronation came on the heels of a devastating World War which had destroyed much of Europe.

Her ascension to the throne marked the beginning of a more prosperous era that shed the shackles of the wartime era and embraced modernity.

For this reason, U.S. Money Reserve and The Perth Mint of Australia have joined forces to memorialize forever this special day.

The Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Proof Set comes with three coins. A 2oz gold proof, 1/4 gold proof and finally a 1oz silver proof coin. All three coins are originally issued by the Perth Mint and are legal tender in Australia.

While this set was initially issued by the Perth Mint, U.S. Money Reserve was able to obtain exclusive rights to distribute the proofs here in the United States.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the nation’s largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver, and platinum products. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest independent distributors of gold, silver and platinum products issued as legal tender by governments worldwide. Read more: US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Facebook

They were founded in 2001 and since then have done business with hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. They act as a broker to help clients maintain a presence in different physical metals like gold and silver items.

These often come in the form of gold coins also known as numismatics. Different investors like to maintain a presence in physical metals for a number of reasons, including growth and having the peace of mind knowing that you can hold your investment in your hand.

The coin research and numismatic professionals at U.S. Reserve study market trends and government offerings worldwide to find the best options for precious metal coins purchasing.

They also aim to provide the best customer support and research analysts at your disposal 24/7. They are based in Austin, Texas and have grown more rapidly than any company in their space since 2001.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Looks To A Future Beyond Bradesco

Bradesco Bank, Brazil’s second largest financial institution, has weathered a series of challenges and successes over the past few years, under the steady leadership of its President Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. For one thing, there is the fact that under Bradesco’s rules, Trabuco Cappi has aged out of his role. His successor, meant to take over when Trabuco Cappi reached the age of 65, died in a tragic plane crash just as Bradesco was completing negotiations for its takeover of HSBC’s Brazilian arm.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been with Bradesco since his graduation from the University of Sao Paulo in 1969. So, for him, it was an easy decision to stick around and guide the bank that his been his home for almost 5 decades.

Read more: Bradesco anuncia Octavio Lazari no lugar de Luiz Carlos Trabuco

As the transition of power is now underway, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s successor was recently named as Bradesco vice president Octavio de Lazari, the former CEO is preparing for a new role as chairman of the Bradesco board of directors according to It’s a role that will allow him to steward Bradesco’s culture away from its day-to-day operations, and to take stock of the country growing and changing around Bradesco. Trabuco Cappi helped Bradesco claw its way back to the top, having lost its position as Brazil’s biggest bank prior to his tenure, achieving a 26% market share in 2017, its biggest take in several years.

Now, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi hopes to use his skills to influence Brazil’s directon. He believes the bank’s growth is tied to that of Brazil, and the future of Brazil is tied to its people. The future of the Brazilian economy will be built on its people and their ability to consume. He notes that Brazil is lucky, that the country’s political processes and scandals are largely detached from the economy. What is fundamental, for Trabuco Cappi, is that the digital literacy of the people must be addressed. He notes that of Bradesco’s 27 million customers, just over half of them conduct digital transactions. The rest, and the larger population of Brazil as well, need to be brought into the digital age.

As Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi transitions to his new role as chairman, less involved in Bradesco’s daily activities, he seems well positioned to carve out a position as a guide and steward, not only for the bank’s long tradition of financial service to its communities, but to the people of Brazil as well.


Stream Energy: Launching Deep in Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy is perfectly playing a fantastic role in lifting the lives of people in Dallas and Texas. They are putting together associate passion, devotion, and corporate generosity tools in aid of helping the individuals who are less fortunate in the communities. Due to their dedication and passion in philanthropic activities, the company has formed a foundation to run the operations: Stream Cares Foundation. This is an initiative created with a heart for giving back to the community through identifying the functional strategies. Stream Energy is based in Dallas. When the Hurricane Harvey flooded the Houston neighborhoods, many people were left homeless while others lost their lives. It caused considerable instability in the land. Many companies did not take any action in response to the floods, but Stream Energy was in the fore font in partnership with Hope Supply Corporation to help the individuals. The company committed substantial money to assist in recovering the financial burden that was laid on the victims of the floods.

The stream is committed to corporate philanthropy. It is what defines them and sets them apart. In aid of more initiatives, the company successfully launched a charity foundation called Stream Cares to make their philanthropic moves more formal. It concentrates on Texas regions. The Stream Energy has been in this field of charitable initiatives for many years now. Out of the Hurricane Harvey incidence, Stream became a role model company in entire Dallas for organizations to show their efforts in philanthropic activities. The aim of launching a new arm to focus on charitable moves entirely indicates their dedication to giving back to the people who are core in building their business. It is something that brought two significant advantages to the company. One is that the company got an opportunity to show mercy and sympathize with the affected individuals. Secondly, the firm gained a lot of respect and loyalty from the public members and the potential customers. Their corporate giving was enough to publicize and market them. Stream Cares affects the lives of many individuals through the Stream associates forum. Stream associates are more dedicated to catering for homelessness in various places. The employees in the company keep track of homeless people and attend to such needs with immediate effect.

Mark Mofid La Jolla improves gluteal implants

Doctors who train at John Hopkins and Harvard gain a reputation, whether they want to or not. One fictional doctor from a no longer running television series failed to get a position at John Hopkins, but this is not the case for Mark Mofid La Jolla. The San Diego plastic surgeon completed his education and continues to make a name for himself in the plastic surgery world. His primary specialty these days is gluteal augmentation. Yes, the doctor specializes in making people’s posteriors appear larger.

Some people may be snickering at the above description, but Doctor Mark Mofid uses some of the proceeds from his Medical spa to fund his continued research. Few of his clients leave his office disappointed. San Diego residents go to his office because of his compassionate care and his attention to detail.

The attention to detail that brings so many patients to him also serves him well in his scientific research. Mark Mofid examines the detail from every angle, but that only is not enough to enable scientific progress. describes him as being willing to think outside the box. An ability to think outside the box has caused many great scientific advancements, including the founding of genetics and the discovery of general relativity.

Plastic surgeon Mark Mofid spent over eight years working on this procedure. The implants are similar to those used in breast enhancement surgeries, although a slightly different material is used. Few people want to increase the cup size of their buttocks region and the implants do not do this. The people who undergo this procedure usually need extra support in the area to help reduce pain. Some people choose to undergo this surgery for cosmetic reasons, but this is not common. He works on improving the implants to be more compatible with the human body structure. Past versions of the implants suffered from many problems.  

Genre Bending Films are the Specialty of Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender holds a degree in civil engineering, but he is best known for his efforts in Hollywood, producing film and television.

Bender obtained his degree from the University of Maine, returning to his former school to lecture and receive an honorary degree at the University. He never put his civil engineering degree to use;however, in college, he gained an interest in dance. Bender pursued a career in dance until an injury permanently sidelined him.

Lawrence Bender decided to enter the film industry, first working as a stage hand on the set of popular 80s television show Tales from the Darkside. This was Benders first step towards a legendary career.

Bender has now produced some of Hollywood’s greatest films. Films such as Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs would not have been made if not for Lawrence Bender’s contribution.

Lawrence Bender is also involved in the world of philanthropy, often hosting elegant Hollywood parties as fundraisers.

One of Bender’s most successful films was Pulp Fiction, which is also the second film of Quentin Tarantino. This film was put together out of chronological order. Unorthodox story telling and direction is one of Tarantino’s trademarks and he does it excellently in Pulp Fiction. Two hitmen, in the movie, are tasked with retrieving their boss’s briefcase. The contents of the briefcase are kept secret through the entire film, adding an additional layer of mystery to the store.

Another collaboration between Tarantino and Lawrence Bender was Kill Bill. This movie is about a young woman played by   . She goes on a spree of revenge to kill her former employer, who left her for dead pregnant in a church. The movie, like most of Bender and Tarantino’s collaborations, is a blend of several genres, resulting in a unique movie experience.

Shervin Pishevar: Does He Have Economic Answers?

Do you ever stop and wonder if the people that you receive advice from are really the characters that have the answers? It is common to wonder about this. After all, why is it that we value the opinion of someone we see on television when we know little about their background. Stop being that person and start listening to what Shervin Pishevar has to say about the economy.

Shervin Pishevar has earned the respect of many for his economic insights. As an early investor in Uber he enriched himself greatly in ways that would allow him to have a bigger platform in life in general. Thus, he made it possible to feel a sense of comfort for those who listen to what he has to say. They just get the feeling that he is right about the things he speaks about.

Among the things that you can check out about Shervin Pishevar right now is a recent tweet storm that he did to raise awareness of particular economic issues that he thinks are particularly relevant at a time like this. He wanted to start out by saying that the stock market is incredibly high compared to its actual value at this particular time. He was not afraid to step on a few toes by saying that. He just wanted to get his point across.

Shervin Pishevar thinks that the market is overbought by at least twenty percent. He also thinks that some people are starting to realize this and are rushing over to Bitcoin and other investment products to try to generate a return for themselves. That is not the way to go either says Pishevar. He worries that Bitcoin is overpriced at a time like this as well. He thinks that investing in it right now is foolish, but he also believes that there is a time and place to put money into this currency. Wait until it falls to between two and five thousand dollars per Bitcoin he says.

All in all we have to recognize that Pishevar has some solid points. You may or may not agree with all that he has to say, but you have to respect that he goes out of his way to say what he feels.

Matt Badiali Offers a New Way For Investors to Grow and Protect Their Wealth

One of the goals of investors is to grow and protect their wealth. As far as how much wealth they want to grow, it depends on the individual. However, the one problem that many individuals have is that they do not know how to grow their wealth. Then even in the case that they learn how to grow their wealth, they have to learn how to protect their wealth. Fortunately, there are financial experts that have a lot of skills in growing and protecting wealth. One of these financial experts is Matt Badiali, who is the chief resource investment expert of Banyan Hill. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

When looking for ways to grow and protect their wealth, investors have to look through tons of different information in order to find one that works for them. Then there are the people who make promises that are too huge. They claim that they have the magic bullet for success. However, many people find out that they are not as effective as they are made out to be. Matt Badiali is aware of what investors go through. This is one of the reasons that he is. doing everything he can to make sure that the investors have the right type of information

Another good thing about Matt Badiali is that he does not have a huge ego about his experience. This is one of the most important aspects of his position. He is always open to new ideas because he wants people to find ways to profit that work for them. Matt Badiali has no desire to get in the way of anyone who finds a newer and more effective way to succeed at investing. One of the reasons that he can be trusted is that he has provided advice to many different people throughout the globe on different methods of earning.  Visit:


Bob Reina and Why His Talk Fusion Project Still Remains Relevant Today

So what are the most important things to factor in when thinking about making it big in the world of video marketing? Maybe the man to ask is Bob Reina, who is right now the Founder and CEO of the well-respected video marketing company Talk Fusion.



What also makes Bob Reina extra outstanding today is the fact that his company has been around for a very long time now, since its establishment last 2007. Its flagship product has so far been a success, which was then called Video Email. WIth the combined years of experience of Bob Reina and the fact that he is still vivacious in finding the most innovative ways to grow his brand is also another thing that makes him impressive.



The Growth of Business



It can easily be said that the fantastic growth of Bob Reina’s company is the fact that he has both the innovative vision and passion for building quality products to improve other people’s personal and professional lives. His belief, too, in the value of commitment, long term partnership and giving back to the communities is also seen by many as one exceptional secret of his to build long-lasting products.



Take Control of Your Life



It is said that many people would only respect people who take risks, and this is the reason, according to some, that business leaders today would always be considered as heroes since they’re practically just the rare people who are willing to take big risks. Without Bob Reina’s risk-taking in this department, it would be hard to see where his company would grow in the future. This is also one of the big reasons why Talk Fusion is seen as an exciting direct-selling strategy and industry that benefits a lot of companies in terms of giving them more ways to reach their leads.



About Bob Reina



Other than the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, he is also the motivated leader that helps a workforce get inspired to be the best that they are.



He is also the man who has spearheaded a leadership that reaches across 140 countries. His involvement in non-profits is also an admirable facet of his business profile. Learn more:











Cassio Audi’s Outstanding Drumming Skills in the Heavy Rock Music

Cassio Audi is a legendary music artist who performed in the 1980s. He was one of the band members of a group of musicians that was called the Viper Band. Cassio Audi formed the group together with four other friends who were Yves Passarell, Felipe Machado, Pit Passarell, and Andre Matos. Cassio Audi is recognized in the music scene as one of the best performers since he introduced the heavy rock drumming that was borrowed all over the world by rock drummers. With his role as a drummer, Cassio Audi helped the band gain the spotlight due to the sound that emanated from the drums. What’s more, the drumming caused massive unique re-sounding beats that attracted the rock lovers from all over Brazil.

About Cassio Audi’s Short Career in Music

Cassio Audi and his band’s music were inspired by Iron Maiden’s music who was a British rock musician. The Viper Band’s music had its first breakthrough when the group decided to visit a music producer in Sao Paulo who helped them gain access to the Sp Project where they performed. Further, their performance at the event had a positive impact on Cassio Audi and his team as they were motivated to produce their first demo album. The album contained songs such as Killera Sword, Princess from Hell, and Nightmare. Also, Cassio Audi not only played the drums as his major role but also wrote some of the songs that were in the albums that Viper Band produced.

Furthermore, with the production of the demo album helped the band to gain more prominence in the music industry as the songs were a hit that got to be played on the radio. Besides, the group which started in 1985 had its first official album launched in 1987 and was known as the Soldiers of Sunrise. The album tracks included modified songs from their demonstration album where other songs in the record involved Knights of Destruction, Soldiers of Sunrise, and the Law of the Sword among others. In addition, after staging many performances in Brazil and the United States, Cassio Audi decided to exit the music scene in 1989 to pursue his other passions in the Finance field when he left for college.