Lacey and Larkin still advocating for human rights even after Arpaio’s pardon

Cases of human rights violation in the United States has always been there. However, there are cases which are worse than others. Some of the worst cases that have happened in the country have involved mistreatment of the minorities. Immigrants have been the greatest victims of all cases of human rights violations in the United States.

These crimes are ongoing to date, and that’s why there are human right groups who are pressuring the government to obey the human rights as stated in the UN Charter. Human rights are supposed to make all human beings equal, but when some government officials are rolling out their plans, they do not observe them.

Immigrants in the county of Maricopa, Arizona understand what it is like to be discriminated better. These are people who underwent the terrible rule of Joe Arpaio. This is a man who did not respect the right of immigrants to lead a good life just like any other persons. As long as you were an illegal immigrant while he was the sheriff of the county, you were not spared.

In fact, his rule as the Sheriff of the county remains one of the worst in modern history. He almost took the people back to the era of slavery through the actions he took on illegal immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

These people were treated like animals. There was no right for them. They were arrested, placed in horrible concentration camps before deportation to their countries of origin. Almost all the immigrants had come from the southern country of Mexico.

In implementing the tasks that were placed on his office, Joe Arpaio did not consider the rights of the people. He broke the human and civil rights with recklessness.

He did not recognize that they also needed to be treated like human beings. In what was seen as a blatant case of human rights violations. Joe Arpaio made sure that he had his concentration camps where he would imprison those he arrested. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The actions of Joe Arpaio caused an uproar from many corners after journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin exposed him, the two were the founders of a paper known as Phoenix New Times. The paper concentrated on the action of the Sheriff so much that he became of human right groups from all over the country.

Arpaio was taken to court, but not even the courts would stop him. He was determined to see that all immigrants were ejected out of the county by all means possible.

For many years, Joe Arpaio had used his office to hinder investigations into his conduct. When he was finally defeated in elections of 2017, it looked like he was going to be taken through the court’s system so that he could answer of the crimes he committed. Human rights groups and media personalities such as Lacey and Larkin hoped that they could finally see justice happen.

However, this was just wishful thinking which did not happen. At a time when he was about to be sentenced, he received a presidential pardon from his friend, President Trump. The efforts of the people to push for punitive action on the sheriff went down the drain.

The insights of Ted Bauman and Jeff Yastine towards successes in Wall Street

Ted Bauman and Jeff Yastine are both editors of Banyan Hill Publishing, with Ted as a contributing editor and Jeff the editorial editor. This is a platform where investors eyeing a piece of the cake at Wall Street come to see the best of the industry giving their analysis on a range of investment choices that are a hit among the Wall Street companies. The company initially advised people on global investments strategies on its founding and has since started assisting Americans to chart their financial paths by through sound personal finance strategies.

Financial tsunami is a guaranteed occurrence in the history of investing, and Jeff Yastine and his fellow experts are here to help you chart your financial path without spending a dime on a financial adviser out to make a killing from a session with him, and also to fill in when a potential investor doesn’t have the necessary skills to be a financial expert to make a sound investment decision by himself. Read more at Release Fact.

The Banyan Hill Publishing experts have a wealth of experience in their different fields. Jeff Yasmine’s experience as a finance journalist and stock market investment spans over two decades. He is in turn using this leverage to help the investors understand trending business and economic news and also bring forth profitable opportunities highlighted by his fellow editors.

Jeff Yastine is a former anchor with PBS Nightly Business Report in the period 1994-2010, during which he was able to get insights of some renowned investors like Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Branson. This position helped him receive a 2007 Business Emmy Award-nomination for reporting on underfunded public infrastructure works in the U.S. He had previously by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Excellence in Financial Journalism Award by the virtue of being part of a team of NBR journalists who presented a special report on the bond market of America.

Jeff Yastine edits the Total Wealth Insider in the Banyan Hill Publishing platform. This section is usually full of opportunities that help investors live a more prosperous life as the opportunities are very rich and little is know about them by the general investors. The opportunities are mostly in safe and stable companies hence investments are mostly stable over a long time.

An investor keen on the publications on the Banyan Hill Publishing platform is guaranteed of investment successes with uptake of the strategies discussed there. See more:



Paul Mampilly Has Clients Aiming for the Stars

To invest or not to invest in Marijuana Stocks

The learned and expert advice of Paul Mampilly is to not invest in Marijuana Stocks. Does he give any reasons? Before we get to the reasons it is nice to remember that Paul Mampilly is one of the most experienced investors on Wall Street today.

Marijuana Booming Business

Mr. Mampilly doesn’t deny the fact that there are several marijuana businesses that have made big profits in a short amount of time. Also, the marijuana industry is expected to continue to grow from $7B-24B dollar industry in only a few short years. Rocky Mountain High and Mentor Capital are just a couple of marijuana stocks that have shown fast and rapid growth. Paul Mampilly has something else to tell marijuana investors.

Paul Mampilly is not trying to get people to stop investing in marijuana but to set their sights on higher returns that could mean going from $235B-$4T in four years. Visit to know more.


Paul Mampilly has over two decades of trading and working with some of the largest corporations in the world, helping them to gain $Billions in his wake as a portfolio manager. If there ever was an investor guru on the side of the every day American it is

Mr. Mampilly. In fact, at the age of 42, he retired from Wall Street. He said he was tired of filling the pockets of large corporations with money and he wanted to do something different. He now spends his time working as the Chief Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing where he sends out periodically three recognized newsletters that give expert advice to those who are taking their investment planning into their own hands and are seeking to profit big. Profits Unlimited, True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes are all edited by Paul Mampilly to led investors to low risk and high profit opportunities.

Mr. Mampilly worked for Deutsche Bank from 1991-1998 and for Deutsche Asset Management from 1999-2001. He worked for Voya Financial from 2002-2003 and Kinetics Assets Management from 2006-2011,Palm Beach Research Group (2011-2012),Agora(2014-2015), Stansbury (2015) and Banyan Hill Publishing (2016)

Today he is the Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and edits three newsletters that are read by thousands of investors. He seeks to give advice that will help investors who are concerned with making their own investment decisions, knowledge that will expand their fortunes.



The Great Successes of FlavioMaluf

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex Group a firm that specializes in making panels and sheets. Eucatex firm relies on the use of eucalyptus as their raw material, proof that the firm is majorly focused on maintaining a conducive environment for the people in its surroundings. Besides acquiring a degree in mechanical engineering, Maluf has also acquired great leadership and business management skills from his family that managed and owned a vast number of businesses in Brazil. Besides, Maluf has learned to create wealth and manage property through his collaboration with his experienced family members.

He took over the management of his family business in 1997 after graduating from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He has seen the firm grow into one of the largest ones in the country and his successes have been associated with his passion and determination to achieve the best. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Maluf believes that hard work is a crucial factor when it comes to business. He encourages people that are passionate about investments to analyze the risks associated with the latter before launching their ventures. He believes in the importance of innovation in business and encourages entrepreneurs to share ideas with their employees as they can acquire better ideas from them.

Additionally, the renowned entrepreneur insists on the importance of using the modern technology to improve firms operations. He likes deriving his ideas from the emerging issues in the market as well as social media. Besides, Maluf believes that employees play a vital role in the development of a firm and he encourages investors to ensure that they involve their workers in their decisions making process.

Maluf is also the president of Grandfood Company and his contributions to the growth of the countries’ economy. He has always strived to achieve the best in all his ventures, and he seeks to adopt the many changes that have been caused by technology to ensure that his firm rises to the top. Maluf also seeks to identify more growth opportunities in the market, and he works together with other prestigious business gurus to acquire more ideas to raise the standard of his current venture. View:


Dr. Saad Saad, a Pediatric Surgeon, and an innovation Guru

Dr. Saad Saad will go down in history not for having the same name twice, but also for being among the most experienced pediatric surgeons in the US if not across the world. His remarkable skills in the industry saw him invent state of the art medical equipment. For the forty years that he has been serving as a pediatric surgeon in the US, Dr. Saad Saad aim has been to not only treat patients but also reduce the excruciating pain they undergo during surgery which in most cases often results to death.


The love he has for humanity saw him stretch far and wide in search of extensive knowledge and skills to revolutionize the health industry. For instance, some internal body complications are not visible to the naked eye, and therefore they require highly sensitive tools to detect them. This is why most facilities use radiation waves and X-rays which often do more harm than good to the patient. It is for this reason that Dr. Saad Saad was driven to think out of the box and came up with a Catheter which features an Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. This is inserted into the body of the patient when carrying out a surgical procedure. Thanks to its electromagnetic properties, the catheter is easily and remotely locatable hence eliminating the need of X-Rays.


Surgery is a procedure which calls for maximum attention. For that to be possible, it is essential that surgeons be equipped with state of the art tools such as endoscopes which aid in seeing the internal body organs. However, the body majorly having liquid matter may hinder the ability of such professionals to see what’s happening leading to medical malpractice.


Again, Dr. Saad being a genius of sorts was able to come up with a solution for this by developing an anti-fog device attached to the tool that sucks up any liquid matter which might obstruct the surgeon’s view of the organ. His anti-fog endoscope has been readily embraced by surgeons’ worldwide as it enables them to carry out safer surgeries and minimizes risks that were previously posed by regular endoscopes. It has also helped save the lives of myriads of patients across the world. It is thanks to such innovations that Dr. Saad has continued to become one of New Jerseys’ and also US’s most sought out physicians and a household name in the medical arena.


Even though he boasts high flying success in the US and the world in general, it is surprising to know that this renowned doctor has his roots in Palestine and Kuwait where he was born and brought up respectively. He kick-started his career in the US, but this was after he pursued his medical degree in Cairo University and interning in the US. Though retired after a successful career spanning 47 years, his inventions are still alive and kicking, and his name lives on through every surgery carried out using the anti-fog endoscope. Learn more:

Jim Larkin: The legendary activist who sowed the seed of discontent to industrial workers in Ireland

The period between 1909 and 1914 marked a heightened uprising from the working class in Britain and Ireland. The new breed of activists in the country had planted a seed of discontent among the working class. The general workers in Dublin received the lowest wages and their working conditions were extremely poor. Most of them lived from hand to mouth.

Unfortunately, there were a few trade unions in the country that the workers could join. Only ten percent of the workers belonged to a trade union. Majority of the people belonged Britain trade Unions that barely cared for their workers’ welfare.

Jim Larkin was the most influential activist of his time. He was born in Liverpool in 1876 to Irish parents who were immigrants. They lived in slums in Liverpool where life was extremely hard. Jim Larkin’s could not afford to give him a good education. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

As a result, he was forced to become a casual laborer at a young age. Jim was employed by the Liverpool dock as a general worker.

After a few years, the managers at the dock realized that he had special leadership abilities. He was promoted to the post of a foreman. Jim Larkin continued work even harder.

His workmates had nicknamed him ‘the rusher’ because of how he used to rush the workers. He neither smoked nor drank alcohol. Unlike other foremen in the dock, Jim never received any bribes to give men work. He believed in equality for everyone. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and James Larkin – Wikipedia

While working in Liverpool, Jim was dissatisfied with how the employers treated their employees. What saddened him most was to realize that there were a few trade unions that would fight for the rights of the workers. He joined the National Union of Dock Laborers but he was kicked out after leading several industrial demonstrations.

He was moved to Dublin in 1907 where he founded the Irish Transporters and General Workers Union. With the new union, Jim Larkin sought to unite all the workers in Ireland into one movement.

Many people joined the union hoping that it would help them bargain for better working conditions. The ITGWU was responsible for the 1913 lockout where more than 10,000 industrial workers downed their tools for more than eight months.

The lockout was triggered by the sacking of one hundred workers who had joined the ITGWU that was led by Jim Larkin. The demonstrations worsened when the police started using excessive force to the striking workers.

Jim organized his people to form a force that would neutralize that created by the employers and the police. Eventually, they won and the employers gave in to their demands.

Rick Shinto Joins Penelope Kokkinides in Guiding InnovaCare Health.

The healthcare sector comprises of many industries including pharmaceuticals in addition to healthcare insurers alongside hospitals. Of course, every industry has a different dynamic. While that is factual, investments in this sector have grossly been affected by multiple variable including governments and various demographic trends. As such, it has become increasingly important for healthcare practitioners and policy makers to develop different healthcare policies and plans. That is where InnovaCare Health of managed healthcare services comes in.


What is InnovaCare Health?


The foundation of this company was laid by Rick Shinto, M.D. First launched in 1998 under a different name when he joined the North American Medical Management as a practicing physician, the company has developed into a provider of top-notch medical services alongside competitive plans that guarantee proper health in patients. Over the years, InnovaCare Health has transitioned into smarter healthcare center manned by engaged physicians. In addition to entering diverse markets, the team has added a track record of helping patients and partners to evolve their businesses while improving healthcare models to benefit every patient.


The Senior Leadership Roles


Behind the success of InnovaCare Health is Rick Shinto, the brain behind the foundation of the company. As a doctor, he has often led this company with due diligence. Even so, this is not the first healthcare company he is working with. For instance, before joining InnovaCare Health, he worked as the vice president of Medical Management where he oversaw the entire operations of the firm. Moreover, he also served at Medical Pathways Management as a chief medical officer. In his tenure, he made sure that patients could access different healthcare plans that turned out to be affordable and more convenient.




For education, Rick Shinto attended the University of California and received a degree in science. Later on, he joined the University of Redlands and earned an M.B.A. Because he was visionary and aspired to excel in all ways, Shinto invested in a medical degree from the University of New York.


His Roles and Responsibilities


As of now, Shinto is the head of InnovaCare Health and providing quality healthcare is his strongest trait. His focus has been in helping patients acquire some of the best medical plans in Puerto Rico. Other than that, he is always focused on delivering standardized healthcare services with the primary focus on ensuring that patients enjoy life-changing healthcare services.


The Outline


In addition to serving his clients, Rick Shinto partners with Penelope Kikkinides in making sure that InnovaCare Health provides unmatched services in managed healthcare. As a team, they have been able to give some of the best healthcare services in the country.


Alex Pall Life Between Work and Music

Alex Pall recently gave an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine. The first question Pall was asked was how he and co-artist, Andrew Taggart, started working together. Pall explained how DJ-ing was a favorite hobby of his, and living in New York City allowed him the opportunity to perform in different venues. He went on to tell how he grew tired of splitting his time between work and his music, so he decided to pursue dance music full time. His manager then, who remains his manager today, introduced him to Taggart. Alex remembers how as soon as the pair met, they hit it off and knew they had the same goals. Upon meeting they immediately started working and haven’t stopped since.

Rosenzweig curiously asked Alex Pall how he knew that he and Taggart would work out as band mates after their initial meeting. Alex chuckled as he reminisced about their first conversation. He said he knew they would work out when, in their first conversation, small talk ended almost immediately and it became a deep conversation about their drive and ambition and how badly they both really wanted their music career to succeed. They were both very observant and knew who was making music charts at the time. they knew what was working and what wasn’t. They knew they had different talents; Andrew Taggart was an obviously talented producer while Pall was well connected and did well at promoting and marketing the pair. Neither of the men took long breaks and their lives revolved around making their dreams into reality. Their common drive, their unique talents, and their love for music is hat makes them a strong band, and what has kept them together for the past ten years and will continue to keep them together in years to come.

When Rosenzweig asked the duo about their music, their sound, and about their singing in their newly released songs, the pair weren’t shocked. The Chainsmokers take pride in writing all their songs and writing about what their lives are actually like, which makes their music all the more relate-able.

Michael Hagele: A Renowned Corporate Counsel Expert and Investor

Michael Hagele is a sought-after senior counsel for various technology firms that are affiliated with research and development. He also works with companies that provide services connected to the aerospace internet, biotechnology, consultation, and technology. In simpler terms, Michael Hagele is an all-rounded individual as a result of his expertise and knowledge in the field. His experience in handling agreements linked to licensing, software, telecommunications, hardware, global internet, drafting, and distribution. At the same time, Michael Hagele also handles commercial agreements that are mostly found within marketing and technology corporations. He also closely works on agreements related to intellectual property sales and purchases as well as corporate transactions. Michael Hagele has previously worked at the Silicon Valley offices based at West LLP & Fenwick. Michael holds a J.D from the University of California as well as a B.A from the reputable University of Lowa. Visit at to learn more

During an interview held with Ideamensch, he explains that his ideas sprout from his previous work experience in the field. Michael reveals that a typical day for him commences with tackling matters for his clients that are related to technology. In most cases, it involves legal counseling information and intellectual property cases where his advice and expertise is needed. He adds that in the afternoon hours, he spends time doing what he loves most which are going for either a road bike or mountain ride. Interesting to note, this is the time when Michael is most active and creative. He can come up with solutions that work best for his clients and at the same time, giving him the satisfaction that he seeks from his work. He also admits to having international investment partners that are overseas and so; he also finds time to communicate with them through the phone.

Michael also says that being quite aggressive has worked for him. He says that not giving up in his endeavors has helped him to achieve success in his career. Mr. Michael Hagele believes in putting the clients’ needs and satisfaction first and that has enabled him to become the entrepreneur he is today. Visit:


Ted Bauman Helps People Plan their Investments to Retire Comfortably

Ted Bauman has been able to achieve tremendous success in the field of finance throughout his career. It is due to his ability to critically analyze the financial market and find out which investment option is actually useful. Ted Bauman is currently associated with the Banyan Hill Publishing in the position of an editor. As an editor, he wants to help the readers know about the various investment opportunities in the market that they can invest in currently. He has worked with numerous financial organizations in more than seventy countries, which has provided him with invaluable experience in the field of finance, investment and the stock market. He has been able to devise a financial and investment strategy that has worked wonders for him and has helped him become a successful stock market investor as well. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ted Bauman


Ted Bauman has spent over twenty years in South Africa and has also done post graduation from the Cape Town University in History and Economics. After completing his education, he joined the non-profit sector as the fund manager, where he continued working for nearly two decades. It provided him with tremendous experience of how to manage money and invest wisely to get generous returns. Ted Bauman also worked with many other finance and housing companies in different countries. He returned to the United States in 2008 along with his wife and kids and settled in Atlanta, GA. After coming to the United States, he worked for nearly half a decade with Habitat for Humanity and went on to join Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He is also associated with many other non profit organizations.


Ted Bauman feels that it is necessary to educate the common people about the ways to invest in the stock market so that they can also benefit from it. Over the years, he has used his expertise to help the companies he was working for to make generous profits from the stock market investments. However, as the editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and newsletters such as Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert, He wants to help people understand how the stock market works, and what stocks to invest in to reap maximum profits. He believes that everyone who invests their money for their retirement needs to have proper knowledge of the financial market and understands its volatility. It is only then will they be able to make profitable financial decisions for themselves.

To view full interview of Ted Bauman, click: