Paul Herdsman: The Modern Day Entrepreneur

Paul Herdsman is a man that had a dream of his own. He once dreamed of becoming his own boss and running his own company. Today, he is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. NICE Global is a successful company that offers business solutions. The company is located in Jamaica, where Paul was born. The company’s services also offer improved customer retention among many other services.


Throughout his entrepreneurial experiences, Paul has learned many valuable lessons. One of them is that he realized the importance of finding a mentor. He has learned that it is important to find someone that is trustworthy. This person should also be someone that you can turn to for advice when things get a little hard, or when you simply just need another perspective. You want it to be someone whose opinion is valuable. This person also has to be someone you respect and who is a good listener. If you can find someone that shares the same business mindset as you do, they might be much more willing to help you start and grow your own business.


When you decide to start a company, it is best to constantly deliver a good product. Paul’s advice is to go above and beyond when delivering a product of value. He advises to do more than what the customer expects. If you do this correctly, your own customers will end up being your best advocates. Give the customer a reason to choose you over all the other businesses in your field.


One of the harder lessons to learn is that there are no shortcuts. We would all prefer things to have a cheat code of some sort. When it comes to building your own business, that is just not the case. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to put in many hours of hard work. Click Here to learn more about Paul’s business insights.


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NetPicks Provides Forex Trading Advice

Traders can invest in currency price movements through Forex trading in currency pairs. FX trading provides opportunities for currency pairs trade in a decentralized market. People in big cities use electronic over-the-counter exchanges. NetPicks provides a live signal service and charts. The forex market is open all day. Traders can use spot trading or forward markets and future markets. Currency pairs are preferred since the forex market has a lot of liquidity.

The forex market has very few options and the most common currency pairs traded include the US dollar, yen, and the euro. Traders avoid some of the exotic currency pairs in favor of ones that are established. The liquidity of the forex market offers financial opportunities through the changing prices. As per Netpicks, traders use leveraging to open a margin account to only spend a small percentage of a total investment. Traders with margin accounts funding a $100,000 trade, need only $1,000 in equity.

A gain or loss is called the price interest point. The price that buyers will pay for a pair is the bid price. The currency pair’s purchase price is called the ask price. The difference between the ask price and the bid price is called a spread, see (

Before a trade, find out what a currency pairs’ risks are. Determine whether or not the base currency will be stronger than the quote currency before buying a selected pair. The opposite applies to selling them. Traders can observe the market prices in real time when they buy or sell orders. They can place and close out current orders. The trader does the reverse of that when they are selling orders. They can use a trading account to see the loss or profit after the trade is closed, source (

New traders should be educated in the forex market and the different elements of currency pair evaluation. Forex traders should not be emotionally attached to their trades. Money needed for other important things should not be used for trades. Start with small amounts of money when trading. An educated forex trader can make a profit off $100 to $500, more info on


The Actualization of Randal Nardone’s Dreams at Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone features at the top in the list of the most respected investment managers internationally. Having worked for various companies before joining Fortress Investment Group, he had acquired adequate knowledge and experience to establish and run an investment management firm that would turn into the success that Fortress Group is at the moment. The educational background of Randal Nardone was nowhere near the prediction of being an investment manager. He had pursued law in his undergraduate program at the University of Connecticut, where he had joined to pursue bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. After completion of his degree, he decided not to practice law and joined the Union Bank of Switzerland where he started his finance career. This was a challenge to Randal since he had not studied the finance courses in college. This required him to enroll in correspondence courses where he acquired a diploma in finance and investment management.

His interest in finance continued to grow and started realizing gaps in the investment market. He also felt that the employment in which he was never gave him enough room to exercise his innovation and achieve his long-term dreams. This is what challenged him to join hands two other like-minded investment gurus, Rob Kauffman and Wesley Edens, and start Fortress Investment Group. They had a common goal of tapping finance from private equity and then reinvesting the fund in cutting-edge financial instruments that would generate regular cash flows for the investors.

After the formation of Fortress Group, Randal Nardone became the principal, alongside the other founders, Wes and Rob. What followed the establishment of the organization was a huge success. Fortress had just kicked off with less than $400 million in their managed assets. However, after the first five years of its operations, the company had raised its assets under management to over $3 billion. This was as a result of the notable efforts that were put by Nardone and his fellow principals in the operations of the firm. The success of the firm has impacted positively of Randal’s financial position. As the company grows, Randal Nardone has also continued to grow and currently is one of the world’s richest billionaires, featuring in the Forbes list at position 557. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Nick Vertucci publishes a new book

Nick Vertucci is one of the most successful investors in the real estate sector. Since he was 18 years old, he has been in business trying to make ends meet. Finally, he managed to make a breakthrough, and he is now a millionaire who has made his wealth through brilliant investment decisions in the real estate sector. Vertucci might be a successful investor, but he has done something that will add something new to his resume. He has written a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” This is a book he has created after learning vital lessons an investor. He has realized where business people need to focus on and he is haring all this knowledge through this book which is already a best-seller on Amazon.

Before he joined the real estate business, Nick Vertucci was an investor in the technology sector. He had a computer accessories shop. However, the crash of the technology sector let him without a business after it came crashing to halt. Nick lost everything he had; money and almost even a home he owned. He had to start life from the bottom again. This book focuses on the journey he had to take in order to get back on his feet and lead a good life as a millionaire. The book is a testimonial showing that there is no limit to what one can achieve. No matter who you are, there are some things that you can accomplish as long as you have the right character and are dedicated to achieving them.

Nick Vertucci in this book takes readers through everything they need to do in order to get their businesses running smoothly. Anyone with fears can overcome them by reading this inspirational book by Nick Vertucci. He leaves readers yearning to follow the path he took in order to make it in life.