Betsy Devos Sets the Pace for Women

Betsy Devos is a politician, an entrepreneur, and a humanitarian who has fought for policies that have positively made an impact on America. She is currently the U.S. Education Secretary having been appointed by president Donald Trump due to her philanthropic deeds that have seen tremendous transformations in the education sector. In her new appointment, Betsy has efficiently carried out her duties though she has disagreed with some of the legislation made by the lawmakers in America. For instance, her opposition to the law that allows transgender students to use bathrooms of genders which they prefer to identify with.

Due to her lack of experience in government, her critics and admirers predict that she’ll first learn to cooperate with the government but later push to have her way. This is because she is a fierce contender for productive politics and always works to ensure things work out in her favour, something that Michigan state residents can attest to. Betsy fights for what she believes fit and actively resists the laws that don’t favour her. For instance, when she championed for the extension of charter schools and use of vouchers and the other time when she actively opposed the policy aimed to authorize new charter schools and shut down failing ones.

Betsy Devos primary focus is to use tax-credits and vouchers to expand educational choice in the country making efforts to discourage public education because of her belief that education in charter schools is better than in public schools. In her job as Education Secretary, she has worked together with teachers’ union’s leaders by visiting several schools in different states to find out the levels of education standards provided to the children which will, in turn, help her to strategise on her next move as she focuses on improving education. Betsy and her husband have involved themselves in charitable activities by donating and volunteering at a racially distinctive Christian school known as Potter’s House.


About Betsy Devos

Many titles identify Betsy Devos, but her active participation in politics and philanthropy are what have gained her more recognition in America. She was born and raised in Holland, Michigan where she earned her strong Christian foundation after going to a Christian private school and having membership in several churches there. She has a BA in business economics from Calvin College where her interest in politics began since she took part in campus public affairs.

Betsy has worked in the Michigan Republican party as chairwoman and was in the Republican National Committee at Michigan. She and her husband founded the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation which donates money mainly to support educational causes. They have also established an aviation-based charter school which trains aspiring pilots and have made generous donations to support several projects including the Spectrum Health Foundation which has helped improve and save lives of children. Betsy Devos is undoubtedly an inspiration to women in the society.


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