Paul Herdsman: The Modern Day Entrepreneur

Paul Herdsman is a man that had a dream of his own. He once dreamed of becoming his own boss and running his own company. Today, he is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global. NICE Global is a successful company that offers business solutions. The company is located in Jamaica, where Paul was born. The company’s services also offer improved customer retention among many other services.


Throughout his entrepreneurial experiences, Paul has learned many valuable lessons. One of them is that he realized the importance of finding a mentor. He has learned that it is important to find someone that is trustworthy. This person should also be someone that you can turn to for advice when things get a little hard, or when you simply just need another perspective. You want it to be someone whose opinion is valuable. This person also has to be someone you respect and who is a good listener. If you can find someone that shares the same business mindset as you do, they might be much more willing to help you start and grow your own business.


When you decide to start a company, it is best to constantly deliver a good product. Paul’s advice is to go above and beyond when delivering a product of value. He advises to do more than what the customer expects. If you do this correctly, your own customers will end up being your best advocates. Give the customer a reason to choose you over all the other businesses in your field.


One of the harder lessons to learn is that there are no shortcuts. We would all prefer things to have a cheat code of some sort. When it comes to building your own business, that is just not the case. There is no such thing as an overnight success. You have to put in many hours of hard work. Click Here to learn more about Paul’s business insights.


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