Peter Briger Looks Forward to Providing More Help for Fortress Investment Group

Since Peter Briger started working as the principal of Fortress Investment Group, he knew there were things he’d have to do if he wanted to help even more people with the issues they faced. He also knew things would keep getting better since he had so many new things to bring into the business. With his help, more people would have someone who knew what they were doing and they’d have a chance to keep enjoying the investment aspect of the business. Even though Briger doesn’t get involved much in the investments, he is the principal and knows that his position  is a necessary part of the way things are done with the company. After he started working with Fortress Investment Group, he began showing others they had someone who was doing something important for the industry. Peter Briger knew what there were more people who could bring positive interactions to Fortress Investment Group.

Even though some others struggled with the issues they faced, Peter Briger did not have that issue. Instead, he faced the future and tried helping others with the things they were dealing with. He always wanted them to realize they had someone who cared about their business and who cared about the things going on with the business. It made a lot of sense for Briger to do things and made it better for him to continue offering positive experiences on his own. Since Briger knew that he could help others, he felt good about the opportunities.

When Peter Briger isn’t at the Fortress Investment group, he’s very much involved with the charitable organizations he works with. These range from philanthropic efforts to other things people know how to enjoy. He makes a point of helping people understand the positive experiences they can get from using charitable efforts. Everything he does goes back to helping others and giving them a positive experience they can take advantage of no matter what issues they’re facing or what they’re doing to get to a certain point in their lives. He uses charity to help people with many issues they might have. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Vinod Gupta is Helping To Expand Educational Opportunities

Vinod Gupta is a business man who had the opportunity to go to a variety of schools and colleges and receive a top-rate education. Mr. Gupta began his educational career at the Indian Institutes of Technology where he focused on the study of agricultural engineering. From there, he came to the United States and received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska.

Vinod Gupta is a successful businessman. He was the founder of InfoUSA. Since selling that company in 2010, Mr. Gupta has worked as the Managing General Partner at Everest Group.

Mr. Gupta has never forgotten the fact that much of his success is attributable to the fact that he was able to obtain a quality education. With that in mind, Mr. Gupta has provided a number of substantial gifts to educational institutions.

Established by Gupta, the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic is an institution devoted to the education of women. This institute which is located in Mr. Gupta’s home region in India can train students for a career in as little as two years. Mr. Gupta donated $1 million to help this institution train women.

Vinod Gupta has remembered his alma mater when it comes to giving to education. He has given $500,000 to the University of Nebraska so that the university can use the funds to give scholarships to minority students who plan on training for a career in either science or the field of engineering.

Most recently, Mr. Gupta has created an educational legacy in honor of his son. The Ben Gupta Endowed Fund for International Legal Education was established at George Washington University. The school received $1 million in order to provide scholarships to those from foreign countries who are seeking to obtain their law degrees at George Washington University. In an article with Chicago Evening Post, Vinod’s Law School is Nationally Recognized.

These are just a few of the universities that have been the recipient of Mr. Gupta’s generosity. Mr. Gupta has donated over $50 million to help promote educational opportunities for students. Click Here for more information.


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