Lacey and Larkin still advocating for human rights even after Arpaio’s pardon

Cases of human rights violation in the United States has always been there. However, there are cases which are worse than others. Some of the worst cases that have happened in the country have involved mistreatment of the minorities. Immigrants have been the greatest victims of all cases of human rights violations in the United States.

These crimes are ongoing to date, and that’s why there are human right groups who are pressuring the government to obey the human rights as stated in the UN Charter. Human rights are supposed to make all human beings equal, but when some government officials are rolling out their plans, they do not observe them.

Immigrants in the county of Maricopa, Arizona understand what it is like to be discriminated better. These are people who underwent the terrible rule of Joe Arpaio. This is a man who did not respect the right of immigrants to lead a good life just like any other persons. As long as you were an illegal immigrant while he was the sheriff of the county, you were not spared.

In fact, his rule as the Sheriff of the county remains one of the worst in modern history. He almost took the people back to the era of slavery through the actions he took on illegal immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

These people were treated like animals. There was no right for them. They were arrested, placed in horrible concentration camps before deportation to their countries of origin. Almost all the immigrants had come from the southern country of Mexico.

In implementing the tasks that were placed on his office, Joe Arpaio did not consider the rights of the people. He broke the human and civil rights with recklessness.

He did not recognize that they also needed to be treated like human beings. In what was seen as a blatant case of human rights violations. Joe Arpaio made sure that he had his concentration camps where he would imprison those he arrested. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The actions of Joe Arpaio caused an uproar from many corners after journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin exposed him, the two were the founders of a paper known as Phoenix New Times. The paper concentrated on the action of the Sheriff so much that he became of human right groups from all over the country.

Arpaio was taken to court, but not even the courts would stop him. He was determined to see that all immigrants were ejected out of the county by all means possible.

For many years, Joe Arpaio had used his office to hinder investigations into his conduct. When he was finally defeated in elections of 2017, it looked like he was going to be taken through the court’s system so that he could answer of the crimes he committed. Human rights groups and media personalities such as Lacey and Larkin hoped that they could finally see justice happen.

However, this was just wishful thinking which did not happen. At a time when he was about to be sentenced, he received a presidential pardon from his friend, President Trump. The efforts of the people to push for punitive action on the sheriff went down the drain.

The Great Successes of FlavioMaluf

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex Group a firm that specializes in making panels and sheets. Eucatex firm relies on the use of eucalyptus as their raw material, proof that the firm is majorly focused on maintaining a conducive environment for the people in its surroundings. Besides acquiring a degree in mechanical engineering, Maluf has also acquired great leadership and business management skills from his family that managed and owned a vast number of businesses in Brazil. Besides, Maluf has learned to create wealth and manage property through his collaboration with his experienced family members.

He took over the management of his family business in 1997 after graduating from the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He has seen the firm grow into one of the largest ones in the country and his successes have been associated with his passion and determination to achieve the best. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Maluf believes that hard work is a crucial factor when it comes to business. He encourages people that are passionate about investments to analyze the risks associated with the latter before launching their ventures. He believes in the importance of innovation in business and encourages entrepreneurs to share ideas with their employees as they can acquire better ideas from them.

Additionally, the renowned entrepreneur insists on the importance of using the modern technology to improve firms operations. He likes deriving his ideas from the emerging issues in the market as well as social media. Besides, Maluf believes that employees play a vital role in the development of a firm and he encourages investors to ensure that they involve their workers in their decisions making process.

Maluf is also the president of Grandfood Company and his contributions to the growth of the countries’ economy. He has always strived to achieve the best in all his ventures, and he seeks to adopt the many changes that have been caused by technology to ensure that his firm rises to the top. Maluf also seeks to identify more growth opportunities in the market, and he works together with other prestigious business gurus to acquire more ideas to raise the standard of his current venture. View:


Rick Shinto Joins Penelope Kokkinides in Guiding InnovaCare Health.

The healthcare sector comprises of many industries including pharmaceuticals in addition to healthcare insurers alongside hospitals. Of course, every industry has a different dynamic. While that is factual, investments in this sector have grossly been affected by multiple variable including governments and various demographic trends. As such, it has become increasingly important for healthcare practitioners and policy makers to develop different healthcare policies and plans. That is where InnovaCare Health of managed healthcare services comes in.


What is InnovaCare Health?


The foundation of this company was laid by Rick Shinto, M.D. First launched in 1998 under a different name when he joined the North American Medical Management as a practicing physician, the company has developed into a provider of top-notch medical services alongside competitive plans that guarantee proper health in patients. Over the years, InnovaCare Health has transitioned into smarter healthcare center manned by engaged physicians. In addition to entering diverse markets, the team has added a track record of helping patients and partners to evolve their businesses while improving healthcare models to benefit every patient.


The Senior Leadership Roles


Behind the success of InnovaCare Health is Rick Shinto, the brain behind the foundation of the company. As a doctor, he has often led this company with due diligence. Even so, this is not the first healthcare company he is working with. For instance, before joining InnovaCare Health, he worked as the vice president of Medical Management where he oversaw the entire operations of the firm. Moreover, he also served at Medical Pathways Management as a chief medical officer. In his tenure, he made sure that patients could access different healthcare plans that turned out to be affordable and more convenient.




For education, Rick Shinto attended the University of California and received a degree in science. Later on, he joined the University of Redlands and earned an M.B.A. Because he was visionary and aspired to excel in all ways, Shinto invested in a medical degree from the University of New York.


His Roles and Responsibilities


As of now, Shinto is the head of InnovaCare Health and providing quality healthcare is his strongest trait. His focus has been in helping patients acquire some of the best medical plans in Puerto Rico. Other than that, he is always focused on delivering standardized healthcare services with the primary focus on ensuring that patients enjoy life-changing healthcare services.


The Outline


In addition to serving his clients, Rick Shinto partners with Penelope Kikkinides in making sure that InnovaCare Health provides unmatched services in managed healthcare. As a team, they have been able to give some of the best healthcare services in the country.


Stream Energy: Launching Deep in Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy is perfectly playing a fantastic role in lifting the lives of people in Dallas and Texas. They are putting together associate passion, devotion, and corporate generosity tools in aid of helping the individuals who are less fortunate in the communities. Due to their dedication and passion in philanthropic activities, the company has formed a foundation to run the operations: Stream Cares Foundation. This is an initiative created with a heart for giving back to the community through identifying the functional strategies. Stream Energy is based in Dallas. When the Hurricane Harvey flooded the Houston neighborhoods, many people were left homeless while others lost their lives. It caused considerable instability in the land. Many companies did not take any action in response to the floods, but Stream Energy was in the fore font in partnership with Hope Supply Corporation to help the individuals. The company committed substantial money to assist in recovering the financial burden that was laid on the victims of the floods.

The stream is committed to corporate philanthropy. It is what defines them and sets them apart. In aid of more initiatives, the company successfully launched a charity foundation called Stream Cares to make their philanthropic moves more formal. It concentrates on Texas regions. The Stream Energy has been in this field of charitable initiatives for many years now. Out of the Hurricane Harvey incidence, Stream became a role model company in entire Dallas for organizations to show their efforts in philanthropic activities. The aim of launching a new arm to focus on charitable moves entirely indicates their dedication to giving back to the people who are core in building their business. It is something that brought two significant advantages to the company. One is that the company got an opportunity to show mercy and sympathize with the affected individuals. Secondly, the firm gained a lot of respect and loyalty from the public members and the potential customers. Their corporate giving was enough to publicize and market them. Stream Cares affects the lives of many individuals through the Stream associates forum. Stream associates are more dedicated to catering for homelessness in various places. The employees in the company keep track of homeless people and attend to such needs with immediate effect.

Mark Mofid La Jolla improves gluteal implants

Doctors who train at John Hopkins and Harvard gain a reputation, whether they want to or not. One fictional doctor from a no longer running television series failed to get a position at John Hopkins, but this is not the case for Mark Mofid La Jolla. The San Diego plastic surgeon completed his education and continues to make a name for himself in the plastic surgery world. His primary specialty these days is gluteal augmentation. Yes, the doctor specializes in making people’s posteriors appear larger.

Some people may be snickering at the above description, but Doctor Mark Mofid uses some of the proceeds from his Medical spa to fund his continued research. Few of his clients leave his office disappointed. San Diego residents go to his office because of his compassionate care and his attention to detail.

The attention to detail that brings so many patients to him also serves him well in his scientific research. Mark Mofid examines the detail from every angle, but that only is not enough to enable scientific progress. describes him as being willing to think outside the box. An ability to think outside the box has caused many great scientific advancements, including the founding of genetics and the discovery of general relativity.

Plastic surgeon Mark Mofid spent over eight years working on this procedure. The implants are similar to those used in breast enhancement surgeries, although a slightly different material is used. Few people want to increase the cup size of their buttocks region and the implants do not do this. The people who undergo this procedure usually need extra support in the area to help reduce pain. Some people choose to undergo this surgery for cosmetic reasons, but this is not common. He works on improving the implants to be more compatible with the human body structure. Past versions of the implants suffered from many problems.  

Shervin Pishevar: Does He Have Economic Answers?

Do you ever stop and wonder if the people that you receive advice from are really the characters that have the answers? It is common to wonder about this. After all, why is it that we value the opinion of someone we see on television when we know little about their background. Stop being that person and start listening to what Shervin Pishevar has to say about the economy.

Shervin Pishevar has earned the respect of many for his economic insights. As an early investor in Uber he enriched himself greatly in ways that would allow him to have a bigger platform in life in general. Thus, he made it possible to feel a sense of comfort for those who listen to what he has to say. They just get the feeling that he is right about the things he speaks about.

Among the things that you can check out about Shervin Pishevar right now is a recent tweet storm that he did to raise awareness of particular economic issues that he thinks are particularly relevant at a time like this. He wanted to start out by saying that the stock market is incredibly high compared to its actual value at this particular time. He was not afraid to step on a few toes by saying that. He just wanted to get his point across.

Shervin Pishevar thinks that the market is overbought by at least twenty percent. He also thinks that some people are starting to realize this and are rushing over to Bitcoin and other investment products to try to generate a return for themselves. That is not the way to go either says Pishevar. He worries that Bitcoin is overpriced at a time like this as well. He thinks that investing in it right now is foolish, but he also believes that there is a time and place to put money into this currency. Wait until it falls to between two and five thousand dollars per Bitcoin he says.

All in all we have to recognize that Pishevar has some solid points. You may or may not agree with all that he has to say, but you have to respect that he goes out of his way to say what he feels.

Bob Reina and Why His Talk Fusion Project Still Remains Relevant Today

So what are the most important things to factor in when thinking about making it big in the world of video marketing? Maybe the man to ask is Bob Reina, who is right now the Founder and CEO of the well-respected video marketing company Talk Fusion.



What also makes Bob Reina extra outstanding today is the fact that his company has been around for a very long time now, since its establishment last 2007. Its flagship product has so far been a success, which was then called Video Email. WIth the combined years of experience of Bob Reina and the fact that he is still vivacious in finding the most innovative ways to grow his brand is also another thing that makes him impressive.



The Growth of Business



It can easily be said that the fantastic growth of Bob Reina’s company is the fact that he has both the innovative vision and passion for building quality products to improve other people’s personal and professional lives. His belief, too, in the value of commitment, long term partnership and giving back to the communities is also seen by many as one exceptional secret of his to build long-lasting products.



Take Control of Your Life



It is said that many people would only respect people who take risks, and this is the reason, according to some, that business leaders today would always be considered as heroes since they’re practically just the rare people who are willing to take big risks. Without Bob Reina’s risk-taking in this department, it would be hard to see where his company would grow in the future. This is also one of the big reasons why Talk Fusion is seen as an exciting direct-selling strategy and industry that benefits a lot of companies in terms of giving them more ways to reach their leads.



About Bob Reina



Other than the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, he is also the motivated leader that helps a workforce get inspired to be the best that they are.



He is also the man who has spearheaded a leadership that reaches across 140 countries. His involvement in non-profits is also an admirable facet of his business profile. Learn more:











Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are not a Scam.

The advent of online marketing platforms has contributed to a new wave of crime involving people who imitate actual investors with the aim of defrauding prospects. Consequently, the actual prospective investors shy away from trying to invest in genuine business opportunities. For this reason, real investors who are equipped with the right knowledge to empower and educate prospects are taking over the internet by sharing their expertise with these prospects. One such expert is Matt Badiali. Visit to know more.


Badiali was a geologist educating students at the famous University of North Carolina. At that moment, while practicing what he was good at, he received a phone call from a financial expert. That phone call completely changed his life. The caller was an experienced investor who later introduced him to the business. For a man who yearned to make billions from such like companies, Matt Badiali had just landed an opportunity to change his life completely. The financial expert invited Matt for a visit to the natural mines. Inclusive of the tour was a request from the business expert for Matt to assist him in handling a project. Well, Badiali gave in. That marked the beginning of a learning process that has today given life to a series of investment dockets including freedom checks. Learn more:

What are Freedom Checks?

For those of us interested in internet marketing and investment, you have probably heard the words freedom checks by the famous Matt Badiali. To some people, freedom checks are an opportunity to make millions. To others, freedom checks are a scheme created to con investors. But the brain behind these checks, Mr. Matt Badiali has broken it down for us in this manner.

Companies Issuing Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are not government programs. But before we travel into the docket they fall under; it is critical to highlight that these checks are not a scam. Matt explains that freedom checks are circulated in companies that deal with oil and gas production. Such companies are termed as Master Limited Partnerships or better yet, MLPs. The money used to pay investors generates from the revenue made by these companies. Therefore, given the ability of these companies to generate billions in terms of revenues, Matt is confident that investors can make billions of profits by putting their money into freedom checks.


Currently, over 568 companies are involved in the issuing of freedom checks. It is also invaluable to note that these payments are dispensed every month, and just like stock dividends, investors are entitled to return of capital. Read this article at Money Morning.


Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s Gold Mine

Matt Badiali is a man who loves to look for deals in the natural resources industry. He earned his degree in geology from Florida Atlantic Univerity. When a wealthy friend of his asked him to help him find the best investments in natural resources he couldn’t resist. He was able to travel all over the world and combine his two great loves. They are finance and earth sciences. Now Matt Badiali has hit upon a new idea. It is called Freedom Checks and here is how they work.

While he was traveling around the world for his friend he stumbled across Freedom Checks. They were enacted by Congress in 1987 and now more than five hundred companies distribute Freedom Checks to their stockholders. The companies that issue these Freedom Checks are few in number and must meet the following criteria to issue the checks. The first thing is that the company must receive more than ninety percent of the revenue that comes in from producing, processing, storing, and transporting oil and gas. This also must be done within the United States in order to qualify. The second rule that companies must meet is that the freedom checks can only be issued to stockholders of the company. As long as these two steps are met the company can issue freedom checks totally tax-free. This way money can be invested back into the business if the shareholders desire.

Matt Badiali says this is one way for oil and gas companies to become independent. With the help of the fracking industry, Matt says that U.S. oil and gas companies are poised to make big money in the years to come. This will help American consumers save money in the long run since the majority of oil and gas will be made here instead of having to be imported.

One of the big advantages of MLP’s or Master Limited Partnership is that since the payouts are categorized as capital for the business the shareholder does not have to pay income tax on that money. If a shareholder decides to sell an MLP investment the shareholder pays only capital gains tax on it instead of income tax.

Matt Badiali says that freedom checks are the real deal for stockholders. They can help the Un=uited States oil and gas industries to stand on their own. For him, this is a goldmine of a profitable find. Related Info can be found at

The Prominent Jacob Gottlieb

In the 1960s The Gottlieb’s family moved from Poland to the united states in New York where Dr. Jacob Gottlieb was born along with his younger brothers. The father of Jacob was a professor with a Ph.D. in economics as his mother was a Pediatrician. Growing up in a family with parents who are well educated and exposed to education made him develop an interest both in their professions.

Jacob studied graduated in Brown University with a bachelor of Arts in Economics and also graduated in New York Medical School with a medical degree. After attaining his degrees, he got an internship at St. Vincent Medical center, but inside him, his heart yearned to explore on the stock market field which led him to quit his job in the medical center to become a financial pundit.

Jacob had always desired to join the stock market at a tender age. He once won a contest in school in which he needed predict the correct stocks and selected winning stocks which made his father become very pleased with his potential in the stock field and opened a stock investment account. Jacob then got skills of being an entrepreneur while he was in school when he made a beverage stand at the golf course.

Jacob always had a unique way of coming up with ideas, and since he had an eye to in the medical field too, he used his expertise in economics to merge his skills in the stock market with the medical world. He said that doctors too like businessmen also need to come up with brilliant planning skills and find solutions to problems. Jacob believed that both in the stock and medicine world risks had to be taken and analyzed well enough. Jacob has been able to get an award in 2001, as a financial analyst from the Association for Investment Management and Research. Jacob has ever worked as a managing partner and Chief Investment officer at Visium Asset Management. He also was an investment portfolio manager at Merlin Financial in London before working at Balyasny Asset Management. He had also involved himself as a buy-side analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein.
Jacob has also participated in several charity events like Robin Hood investment in New York City which is an organization that tries fight the poverty among people. It provides 200 of the best nonprofits with commercial real estate and management support in which 100% of the donation it gets goes directly to its community partners.