Michael Hagele: A Renowned Corporate Counsel Expert and Investor

Michael Hagele is a sought-after senior counsel for various technology firms that are affiliated with research and development. He also works with companies that provide services connected to the aerospace internet, biotechnology, consultation, and technology. In simpler terms, Michael Hagele is an all-rounded individual as a result of his expertise and knowledge in the field. His experience in handling agreements linked to licensing, software, telecommunications, hardware, global internet, drafting, and distribution. At the same time, Michael Hagele also handles commercial agreements that are mostly found within marketing and technology corporations. He also closely works on agreements related to intellectual property sales and purchases as well as corporate transactions. Michael Hagele has previously worked at the Silicon Valley offices based at West LLP & Fenwick. Michael holds a J.D from the University of California as well as a B.A from the reputable University of Lowa. Visit at michaelhagele.com to learn more

During an interview held with Ideamensch, he explains that his ideas sprout from his previous work experience in the field. Michael reveals that a typical day for him commences with tackling matters for his clients that are related to technology. In most cases, it involves legal counseling information and intellectual property cases where his advice and expertise is needed. He adds that in the afternoon hours, he spends time doing what he loves most which are going for either a road bike or mountain ride. Interesting to note, this is the time when Michael is most active and creative. He can come up with solutions that work best for his clients and at the same time, giving him the satisfaction that he seeks from his work. He also admits to having international investment partners that are overseas and so; he also finds time to communicate with them through the phone.

Michael also says that being quite aggressive has worked for him. He says that not giving up in his endeavors has helped him to achieve success in his career. Mr. Michael Hagele believes in putting the clients’ needs and satisfaction first and that has enabled him to become the entrepreneur he is today. Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-hagele-783295/