Paul Wesley, Actor, Producer and Director

paul wesleyPaul Wesley is an actor, produce, and director with the following productions, Before I Disappear, Cal in Camo, Amira and Sam. Before I Disappear is an indie drama where he plays somebody’s boss. Paul Wesley was a first time director on this film. He was involved with increasing the story from a short film to a full-length feature. He is an actor on the Vampire Diaries in which he played Stefan Salvatore, a main character who was a vampire since 1864. He is in Cal in Camo, a play written by William Francis Hoffman, where his character is named Flint, and is trying to get over the death of his wife, by spending time with his sister Cal and Tim who are also going through a crisis.
paul wesley

He grew up doing school theater, and calls acting a “funny thing in that something can seem very trivial to others can be very profound for you.” He felt that Flint in Cal in Camo discovers things meaningful to himself that he didn’t know about at all. He wanted him to have an innocence, a sweet mind, and soul. He knows the differences between theater and film. Film can be stopped while plays must keep going.

Paul Wesley

TV is part of what a writer works on and theater is an actor’s contribution. His favorite film is Scenes from a Marriage. He feels his work on The Vampire Diaries got monotonous. It’s why he wanted to work on other project such as Before I Disappear. His character Gideon has one entrance and one exit, not necessarily appearing intermittently throughout the film. Before I Disappear was shot on digital, using an Alexa camera, having been filmed in 20 days. What he has to say about Shawn Christensen’s directing style is that he wants everybody to offer their opinion while seeing the best in people, since he strives to make people feel good. With other director’s it’s their opinion as well as their way or the highway, while Christensen strives to make friends with his people without alienating anybody with his own opinion.

Paul Wesley

Kate Hudson Ushers in New Fabletics Brand

Fabletics has become the brand that everyone is watching. It has definitely managed to rise above what anyone may have ever guessed for a small company such as this. It has grown into a very successful brand because Kate Hudson has been leading the way. She has done much more than simply attach her name to the company. Kate Hudson has worked with this company from the ground up as a co-founder. She has shown people that she can do much more than act in movies. She has shown the world that she is a business woman that plans to be around for a very long time.


The success of Fabletics is tied directly to what Kate Hudson is doing with the brand. She has made a name for herself by competing with companies like Amazon. This is a huge move into the world of athletic clothing, but Kate Hudson is sure that she can handle the challenges. She has proven herself to be one of the top entreprenuers in terms of clothing for females.


There is a lot of talk about Fabletics because it has become this company that has grown through an internet presence. What people are talking about the most is how this company is now moving offline and also becoming a staple in shopping centers. Kate Hudson is planning to open 100 of these stores within the next five years. Some people say that this is an overly ambitious goal, but Kate Hudson has the data to back up her desires. She knows what the stores are making and she has the desire to add more.


One thing she has recognized is that the internet is now reaching a point of market saturation. Once a company gets to a point where there is a level of saturation it is hard to gain more customers. In many cases the only thing that an internet based business can do is expand to an offline crowd. This seems to be the thing that Kate Hudson did, and she wanted to make sure that she reached this new crowd.


The brand has become very popular because many women are looking for these types of athleisure clothes. So many people have become accustomed to working out in their homes, but a good number of people are now joining the gym. So many of these women are trying to find a way to look their best while they’re at the gym. That is what makes them consider what Fabletics has to offer. Kate Upton has promoted this as the company that people consider when they want to look their best when they are working out. This is the competitive advantage that is bound to be a part of the success of a latex. It is a company that promotes looking good while getting in the best shape of your life. Kate Hudson has continued to make people take a look at what she is doing with her growing fabletics brand for women.

Fabletics Continues to See Success in Other Models

The original selling style of Fabletics was to create a personalized experience for everyone who was shopping with the company. When people made the decision to join Fabletics, they were offered a small collection of things that would work for their own style. This, of course, was easy for customers to change and they could still browse the other offerings that the site had but the reverse showroom model made it easy for the brand to pick out the clothes that would be perfect for the customer who was shopping for athleisure wear and other accessories that go hand in hand with the brand.


With other companies, there is a chance that the customers will not buy from the online store that they are shopping with. This is a problem because the stores need to make sure that they are converting the customers that they have into sales that they can take advantage of. Fabletics makes sure that customers are getting exactly what they need so that they are not just using the Fabletics site to try and browse the options that they have while planning to go a different route altogether with the shopping experience in a different store.


She has been with them through many changes and now, with the introduction of other selling opportunities for the brand, she knows that Fabletics is going to continue to flourish. The idea behind the company is providing convenience to women and, as a woman who puts a lot of value into convenient options for her own busy life, it is something that Kate can truly get behind.


As the company continues to grow into something that is so much bigger than a simple online pop-up location, they are planning on reaching out to other selling platforms. The most logical platform for them to go to next is Amazon. There, they won’t have to compete with themselves and they can enjoy the huge customer base that Amazon already has with both their fashion and their athletic customers. The move to include Amazon also goes in line with them spreading out into other areas – like brick and mortar retail – so that they can truly make the most out of their sales.