Brad Reifler Places Veterans In Top Priority At Forefront Capital Philanthropy

Brad Reifler has started making changes at Forefront Capital Advisors including the admittance of investors to the company IRA and other public funds, and being more involved in philanthropy. That’s why he chose to partner with the New York non-profit group Easter Seals Dixon Center. This center helps veterans returning home connect to services including job placement, healthcare providers and other financial interests.

Reifler decided he wanted to help the center add more resources to their facility, so he made a donation of $3 million to it. Easter Seals chairman retired Colonel David Sutherland is grateful for Reifler and Forefront Income’s donation and is hopeful to see even greater things accomplished at the center in the near future.

Brad Reifler has been an active investment advisor for over 30 years having seen both sides of the fence in terms of the Wall Street corporate clients and the 99%. His first major investment company was Reifler Trading Co., a company that started in discretionary accounts and small futures investments, but gradually grew into an international private equity firm.

Bloomberg believes that Brad Reifler would later sell that company and then start Pali Capital, a differentiated hedge fund strategy company that became worth billions of dollars in the 15 years it ran.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler started Forefront Income Trust as a big alternative investment company catering to high profile and institutional clients, but his decision to start the initiative for unaccredited investors happened because of several life experiences.

When he was younger, Brad Reifler had a plan to invest in the future of his daughters, so he started a trust fund for their college savings. Many years later when he went to collect the funds, they had not gained the profits that the manager had said they would gain.

Also his father had worked hard all his life but still didn’t have the retirement amount he wanted, so Reifler was asked to invest his money in a good IRA, but because his father didn’t meet accreditation regulations Reifler couldn’t invest it where he wanted.

He launched Forefront Income Trust to give people like his father a chance to invest in places other than the stock market and for as little as $1,000 to start. Forefront Capital is changing its identity through this initiative.

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