Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are not a Scam.

The advent of online marketing platforms has contributed to a new wave of crime involving people who imitate actual investors with the aim of defrauding prospects. Consequently, the actual prospective investors shy away from trying to invest in genuine business opportunities. For this reason, real investors who are equipped with the right knowledge to empower and educate prospects are taking over the internet by sharing their expertise with these prospects. One such expert is Matt Badiali. Visit to know more.


Badiali was a geologist educating students at the famous University of North Carolina. At that moment, while practicing what he was good at, he received a phone call from a financial expert. That phone call completely changed his life. The caller was an experienced investor who later introduced him to the business. For a man who yearned to make billions from such like companies, Matt Badiali had just landed an opportunity to change his life completely. The financial expert invited Matt for a visit to the natural mines. Inclusive of the tour was a request from the business expert for Matt to assist him in handling a project. Well, Badiali gave in. That marked the beginning of a learning process that has today given life to a series of investment dockets including freedom checks. Learn more:

What are Freedom Checks?

For those of us interested in internet marketing and investment, you have probably heard the words freedom checks by the famous Matt Badiali. To some people, freedom checks are an opportunity to make millions. To others, freedom checks are a scheme created to con investors. But the brain behind these checks, Mr. Matt Badiali has broken it down for us in this manner.

Companies Issuing Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are not government programs. But before we travel into the docket they fall under; it is critical to highlight that these checks are not a scam. Matt explains that freedom checks are circulated in companies that deal with oil and gas production. Such companies are termed as Master Limited Partnerships or better yet, MLPs. The money used to pay investors generates from the revenue made by these companies. Therefore, given the ability of these companies to generate billions in terms of revenues, Matt is confident that investors can make billions of profits by putting their money into freedom checks.


Currently, over 568 companies are involved in the issuing of freedom checks. It is also invaluable to note that these payments are dispensed every month, and just like stock dividends, investors are entitled to return of capital. Read this article at Money Morning.