Matt Badiali Says Freedom Checks can help you Plan for your Retirement

Matt Badiali Says Freedom Checks can help you Plan for your Retirement

They are called too much money scammers, and they are always ready to bug your email with empty promises comprising unrealistic money-making projects. All too often, these online scammers will promise you millions even when it is clear that you have not worked for the money. For that reason, every time a genuine investment or wealth creation manager posts realistic investment schemes, prospective investors are always discouraged from utilizing the opportunity. That is exactly what happened when Matt Badiali posted a video explaining how people can invest in freedom checks.

Who is Matt Badiali?

Matt Badiali is an alumnus of Penn State University where he majored in geological and earth sciences. Later on, he attended Florida Atlantic University where he earned a master’s degree in earth sciences. To wind up on his academic quest, Badiali joined the University of Carolina in 2005. Badiali’s impressive education background has propelled him towards excellence. For starters, he traveled the world to examine the mines in different states. Some of the places he visited include Haiti, Hong Kong, Iraq, and New Guinea, among others. Most fundamentally, he was able to interview different executive leaders who held senior positions in the field of geology. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Explaining Freedom Checks

A few months ago, Matt Madiali released a video explaining what freedom checks are. In the video, he says that freedom checks are not the typical social security or Medicaid programs. Freedom checks require you to put some money in a company that deals with the production and supply of oil. Most of these companies are located in the Middle East. However, you do not have to travel all the way as recently; most Americans have been buying oil from within the state. This is following the growth of MLPs.


MLPs are natural resource companies. They are also exempted from tax. Therefore, they will pretty much benefit from the increasing profits garnered from oil supply. Apart from that, investors are expected to put most of their money in the companies thereby earning hefty profits. For a company to qualify as an issuer of freedom checks, it has to give up 90% of its profits to investors. This amount is referred to as freedom checks. According to Badiali, the investment is worth the try. Visit: