The Actualization of Randal Nardone’s Dreams at Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone features at the top in the list of the most respected investment managers internationally. Having worked for various companies before joining Fortress Investment Group, he had acquired adequate knowledge and experience to establish and run an investment management firm that would turn into the success that Fortress Group is at the moment. The educational background of Randal Nardone was nowhere near the prediction of being an investment manager. He had pursued law in his undergraduate program at the University of Connecticut, where he had joined to pursue bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science. After completion of his degree, he decided not to practice law and joined the Union Bank of Switzerland where he started his finance career. This was a challenge to Randal since he had not studied the finance courses in college. This required him to enroll in correspondence courses where he acquired a diploma in finance and investment management.

His interest in finance continued to grow and started realizing gaps in the investment market. He also felt that the employment in which he was never gave him enough room to exercise his innovation and achieve his long-term dreams. This is what challenged him to join hands two other like-minded investment gurus, Rob Kauffman and Wesley Edens, and start Fortress Investment Group. They had a common goal of tapping finance from private equity and then reinvesting the fund in cutting-edge financial instruments that would generate regular cash flows for the investors.

After the formation of Fortress Group, Randal Nardone became the principal, alongside the other founders, Wes and Rob. What followed the establishment of the organization was a huge success. Fortress had just kicked off with less than $400 million in their managed assets. However, after the first five years of its operations, the company had raised its assets under management to over $3 billion. This was as a result of the notable efforts that were put by Nardone and his fellow principals in the operations of the firm. The success of the firm has impacted positively of Randal’s financial position. As the company grows, Randal Nardone has also continued to grow and currently is one of the world’s richest billionaires, featuring in the Forbes list at position 557. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger Looks Forward to Providing More Help for Fortress Investment Group

Since Peter Briger started working as the principal of Fortress Investment Group, he knew there were things he’d have to do if he wanted to help even more people with the issues they faced. He also knew things would keep getting better since he had so many new things to bring into the business. With his help, more people would have someone who knew what they were doing and they’d have a chance to keep enjoying the investment aspect of the business. Even though Briger doesn’t get involved much in the investments, he is the principal and knows that his position  is a necessary part of the way things are done with the company. After he started working with Fortress Investment Group, he began showing others they had someone who was doing something important for the industry. Peter Briger knew what there were more people who could bring positive interactions to Fortress Investment Group.

Even though some others struggled with the issues they faced, Peter Briger did not have that issue. Instead, he faced the future and tried helping others with the things they were dealing with. He always wanted them to realize they had someone who cared about their business and who cared about the things going on with the business. It made a lot of sense for Briger to do things and made it better for him to continue offering positive experiences on his own. Since Briger knew that he could help others, he felt good about the opportunities.

When Peter Briger isn’t at the Fortress Investment group, he’s very much involved with the charitable organizations he works with. These range from philanthropic efforts to other things people know how to enjoy. He makes a point of helping people understand the positive experiences they can get from using charitable efforts. Everything he does goes back to helping others and giving them a positive experience they can take advantage of no matter what issues they’re facing or what they’re doing to get to a certain point in their lives. He uses charity to help people with many issues they might have. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Stream Energy: Launching Deep in Philanthropic Activities

Stream Energy is perfectly playing a fantastic role in lifting the lives of people in Dallas and Texas. They are putting together associate passion, devotion, and corporate generosity tools in aid of helping the individuals who are less fortunate in the communities. Due to their dedication and passion in philanthropic activities, the company has formed a foundation to run the operations: Stream Cares Foundation. This is an initiative created with a heart for giving back to the community through identifying the functional strategies. Stream Energy is based in Dallas. When the Hurricane Harvey flooded the Houston neighborhoods, many people were left homeless while others lost their lives. It caused considerable instability in the land. Many companies did not take any action in response to the floods, but Stream Energy was in the fore font in partnership with Hope Supply Corporation to help the individuals. The company committed substantial money to assist in recovering the financial burden that was laid on the victims of the floods.

The stream is committed to corporate philanthropy. It is what defines them and sets them apart. In aid of more initiatives, the company successfully launched a charity foundation called Stream Cares to make their philanthropic moves more formal. It concentrates on Texas regions. The Stream Energy has been in this field of charitable initiatives for many years now. Out of the Hurricane Harvey incidence, Stream became a role model company in entire Dallas for organizations to show their efforts in philanthropic activities. The aim of launching a new arm to focus on charitable moves entirely indicates their dedication to giving back to the people who are core in building their business. It is something that brought two significant advantages to the company. One is that the company got an opportunity to show mercy and sympathize with the affected individuals. Secondly, the firm gained a lot of respect and loyalty from the public members and the potential customers. Their corporate giving was enough to publicize and market them. Stream Cares affects the lives of many individuals through the Stream associates forum. Stream associates are more dedicated to catering for homelessness in various places. The employees in the company keep track of homeless people and attend to such needs with immediate effect.

Shervin Pishevar: Does He Have Economic Answers?

Do you ever stop and wonder if the people that you receive advice from are really the characters that have the answers? It is common to wonder about this. After all, why is it that we value the opinion of someone we see on television when we know little about their background. Stop being that person and start listening to what Shervin Pishevar has to say about the economy.

Shervin Pishevar has earned the respect of many for his economic insights. As an early investor in Uber he enriched himself greatly in ways that would allow him to have a bigger platform in life in general. Thus, he made it possible to feel a sense of comfort for those who listen to what he has to say. They just get the feeling that he is right about the things he speaks about.

Among the things that you can check out about Shervin Pishevar right now is a recent tweet storm that he did to raise awareness of particular economic issues that he thinks are particularly relevant at a time like this. He wanted to start out by saying that the stock market is incredibly high compared to its actual value at this particular time. He was not afraid to step on a few toes by saying that. He just wanted to get his point across.

Shervin Pishevar thinks that the market is overbought by at least twenty percent. He also thinks that some people are starting to realize this and are rushing over to Bitcoin and other investment products to try to generate a return for themselves. That is not the way to go either says Pishevar. He worries that Bitcoin is overpriced at a time like this as well. He thinks that investing in it right now is foolish, but he also believes that there is a time and place to put money into this currency. Wait until it falls to between two and five thousand dollars per Bitcoin he says.

All in all we have to recognize that Pishevar has some solid points. You may or may not agree with all that he has to say, but you have to respect that he goes out of his way to say what he feels.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are not a Scam.

The advent of online marketing platforms has contributed to a new wave of crime involving people who imitate actual investors with the aim of defrauding prospects. Consequently, the actual prospective investors shy away from trying to invest in genuine business opportunities. For this reason, real investors who are equipped with the right knowledge to empower and educate prospects are taking over the internet by sharing their expertise with these prospects. One such expert is Matt Badiali. Visit to know more.


Badiali was a geologist educating students at the famous University of North Carolina. At that moment, while practicing what he was good at, he received a phone call from a financial expert. That phone call completely changed his life. The caller was an experienced investor who later introduced him to the business. For a man who yearned to make billions from such like companies, Matt Badiali had just landed an opportunity to change his life completely. The financial expert invited Matt for a visit to the natural mines. Inclusive of the tour was a request from the business expert for Matt to assist him in handling a project. Well, Badiali gave in. That marked the beginning of a learning process that has today given life to a series of investment dockets including freedom checks. Learn more:

What are Freedom Checks?

For those of us interested in internet marketing and investment, you have probably heard the words freedom checks by the famous Matt Badiali. To some people, freedom checks are an opportunity to make millions. To others, freedom checks are a scheme created to con investors. But the brain behind these checks, Mr. Matt Badiali has broken it down for us in this manner.

Companies Issuing Freedom Checks

Freedom checks are not government programs. But before we travel into the docket they fall under; it is critical to highlight that these checks are not a scam. Matt explains that freedom checks are circulated in companies that deal with oil and gas production. Such companies are termed as Master Limited Partnerships or better yet, MLPs. The money used to pay investors generates from the revenue made by these companies. Therefore, given the ability of these companies to generate billions in terms of revenues, Matt is confident that investors can make billions of profits by putting their money into freedom checks.


Currently, over 568 companies are involved in the issuing of freedom checks. It is also invaluable to note that these payments are dispensed every month, and just like stock dividends, investors are entitled to return of capital. Read this article at Money Morning.


The Investment Guru Paul Mampilly Helps People See Investment Options

Paul Mampilly spent time learning about investing. He dedicated his entire career to how he could help others and that’s what allowed him to continue working in different areas of investments. He always knew people would benefit from what he had to offer but he also tried things on his own. Even though Paul Mampilly didn’t always want to be a guru, his experience propelled him in that direction. It gave him the hope he needed to keep helping others. As long as there were people who needed investment help, Paul Mampilly helped them.

The precious metals market always sees major changes. Paul Mampilly knows people can invest in precious metals and make a lot of money from it. He also knows people need to make things easier on everything that’s going to get better for other people. Paul Mampilly wants everyone to realize gold is not always the best option, but investing in precious metals is the best option. The right precious metal to invest in is constantly changing and Paul Mampilly does what he can to help make people understand what they can do for it. He knows how others will have a chance to try different things and that’s what makes him one of the best people for helping others invest. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Investing is difficult. Most people don’t understand how hard others have to work to make the right investments, but Paul Mampilly knows he can do things right if he invests money the right way. He also knows what it will take to give people a chance at a better life. For Paul Mampilly, the point of running the business is giving everyone the chance they need to be successful. He has spent so much time trying his best and that goes back to the right way to run the business. For him, it helps him see what people can do and how people can try different things.

Working as a guru is not always a positive experience. In fact, Paul Mampilly knows the guru part of his life is what allows him to do things to help others. Paul Mampilly spent a long time doing things to help other people and knew the time he spent was important for his family. No matter what Paul Mampilly did, helping people with the options they needed was exactly how he could give back to the community. It was his way of providing people with things they could take advantage of. Visit:


Freedom Checks: Matt Badiali’s Gold Mine

Matt Badiali is a man who loves to look for deals in the natural resources industry. He earned his degree in geology from Florida Atlantic Univerity. When a wealthy friend of his asked him to help him find the best investments in natural resources he couldn’t resist. He was able to travel all over the world and combine his two great loves. They are finance and earth sciences. Now Matt Badiali has hit upon a new idea. It is called Freedom Checks and here is how they work.

While he was traveling around the world for his friend he stumbled across Freedom Checks. They were enacted by Congress in 1987 and now more than five hundred companies distribute Freedom Checks to their stockholders. The companies that issue these Freedom Checks are few in number and must meet the following criteria to issue the checks. The first thing is that the company must receive more than ninety percent of the revenue that comes in from producing, processing, storing, and transporting oil and gas. This also must be done within the United States in order to qualify. The second rule that companies must meet is that the freedom checks can only be issued to stockholders of the company. As long as these two steps are met the company can issue freedom checks totally tax-free. This way money can be invested back into the business if the shareholders desire.

Matt Badiali says this is one way for oil and gas companies to become independent. With the help of the fracking industry, Matt says that U.S. oil and gas companies are poised to make big money in the years to come. This will help American consumers save money in the long run since the majority of oil and gas will be made here instead of having to be imported.

One of the big advantages of MLP’s or Master Limited Partnership is that since the payouts are categorized as capital for the business the shareholder does not have to pay income tax on that money. If a shareholder decides to sell an MLP investment the shareholder pays only capital gains tax on it instead of income tax.

Matt Badiali says that freedom checks are the real deal for stockholders. They can help the Un=uited States oil and gas industries to stand on their own. For him, this is a goldmine of a profitable find. Related Info can be found at