Dr. Saad Saad, a Pediatric Surgeon, and an innovation Guru

Dr. Saad Saad will go down in history not for having the same name twice, but also for being among the most experienced pediatric surgeons in the US if not across the world. His remarkable skills in the industry saw him invent state of the art medical equipment. For the forty years that he has been serving as a pediatric surgeon in the US, Dr. Saad Saad aim has been to not only treat patients but also reduce the excruciating pain they undergo during surgery which in most cases often results to death.


The love he has for humanity saw him stretch far and wide in search of extensive knowledge and skills to revolutionize the health industry. For instance, some internal body complications are not visible to the naked eye, and therefore they require highly sensitive tools to detect them. This is why most facilities use radiation waves and X-rays which often do more harm than good to the patient. It is for this reason that Dr. Saad Saad was driven to think out of the box and came up with a Catheter which features an Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. This is inserted into the body of the patient when carrying out a surgical procedure. Thanks to its electromagnetic properties, the catheter is easily and remotely locatable hence eliminating the need of X-Rays.


Surgery is a procedure which calls for maximum attention. For that to be possible, it is essential that surgeons be equipped with state of the art tools such as endoscopes which aid in seeing the internal body organs. However, the body majorly having liquid matter may hinder the ability of such professionals to see what’s happening leading to medical malpractice.


Again, Dr. Saad being a genius of sorts was able to come up with a solution for this by developing an anti-fog device attached to the tool that sucks up any liquid matter which might obstruct the surgeon’s view of the organ. His anti-fog endoscope has been readily embraced by surgeons’ worldwide as it enables them to carry out safer surgeries and minimizes risks that were previously posed by regular endoscopes. It has also helped save the lives of myriads of patients across the world. It is thanks to such innovations that Dr. Saad has continued to become one of New Jerseys’ and also US’s most sought out physicians and a household name in the medical arena.


Even though he boasts high flying success in the US and the world in general, it is surprising to know that this renowned doctor has his roots in Palestine and Kuwait where he was born and brought up respectively. He kick-started his career in the US, but this was after he pursued his medical degree in Cairo University and interning in the US. Though retired after a successful career spanning 47 years, his inventions are still alive and kicking, and his name lives on through every surgery carried out using the anti-fog endoscope. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087