Alex Pall Life Between Work and Music

Alex Pall recently gave an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig of Interview Magazine. The first question Pall was asked was how he and co-artist, Andrew Taggart, started working together. Pall explained how DJ-ing was a favorite hobby of his, and living in New York City allowed him the opportunity to perform in different venues. He went on to tell how he grew tired of splitting his time between work and his music, so he decided to pursue dance music full time. His manager then, who remains his manager today, introduced him to Taggart. Alex remembers how as soon as the pair met, they hit it off and knew they had the same goals. Upon meeting they immediately started working and haven’t stopped since.

Rosenzweig curiously asked Alex Pall how he knew that he and Taggart would work out as band mates after their initial meeting. Alex chuckled as he reminisced about their first conversation. He said he knew they would work out when, in their first conversation, small talk ended almost immediately and it became a deep conversation about their drive and ambition and how badly they both really wanted their music career to succeed. They were both very observant and knew who was making music charts at the time. they knew what was working and what wasn’t. They knew they had different talents; Andrew Taggart was an obviously talented producer while Pall was well connected and did well at promoting and marketing the pair. Neither of the men took long breaks and their lives revolved around making their dreams into reality. Their common drive, their unique talents, and their love for music is hat makes them a strong band, and what has kept them together for the past ten years and will continue to keep them together in years to come.

When Rosenzweig asked the duo about their music, their sound, and about their singing in their newly released songs, the pair weren’t shocked. The Chainsmokers take pride in writing all their songs and writing about what their lives are actually like, which makes their music all the more relate-able.