Customers Thank Securus Technologies for their Contribution

Securus Technologies are the leaders in justice technology solutions for correctional staff, investigators, law enforcement, and criminal/civil justice personnel. When they have the tools for success, they use our devices as a barrier between society and incarceration. Technology such as emergency response, biometric analysis, wireless containment systems, LBS software, and monitoring services will keep society safe while keeping inmates in line. Now, we don’t mention these facts to brag. We say these facts because we mean it. We can sleep knowing society is becoming safer with each new device, and we won’t stop until society is safer.


In fact, our customers stand by us because we deliver repeatedly. Countless customers write positive letters and emails about crime prevention, our software, and our mission. We want to show our appreciation for the kind words by removing the customers’ names, states, counties, and name of the facility. Therefore, the positive comments are front and center, not the person saying the words. A customer thanked us for a search warrant that led to an arrest because of the phone call recordings. A second customer praised our covert alert feature because it led to an arrest. The third appreciated overhearing a call between two siblings because it helped solve a case. Lastly, two customers can’t get enough of our LBS software. One praised the software for recovering millions of dollars in legal assets, cash, and drugs. The other paired the software with Investigator Pro to solve countless cases, securing future business with him/her.


In closing, justice technology represents our crime prevention mission with the charitable part in giving back to society through protection. We are confident in our commitment to criminal and civil justice that we invite you inside our facility to see our operations in person. Prospective and existing investors, our competition’s customers, and Securus customers are welcome inside the Securus Technology Center for a presentation about what we do daily.