Dr. Saad Saad Looks Back on His Career

Dr. Saad Saad is a famous surgeon, known far and wide for his accomplishments. He is currently 72 years old. He obtained his medical degree from the Cairo University School of Medicine, and since then has acquired over 20 years of experience. Dr. Saad Saad specializes in Pediatric Surgery. He has worked on and impacted countless people’s lives over the years.

Dr. Saad recently conducted an interview with the website Idea Mensch. During the interview he reflected on many aspects of his career. Hr first mentions how his sole reason for wanting to become a doctor was because it was an indoor job. He grew up in the heat and was tired of being outdoors. Dr. Saad cites a surgeon in Charleston, South Carolina as being his mentor. That man taught him all people are the same regardless of background. The key to his success has been research. That has greatly help improve the medical resources available to both doctors and patients.

The next series of questions were given simple answers. Dr. Saad Saad finds organization to be the key to productively. He finds it’s best to review medical records and surgery procedures before a major operation. That way everything is fresh in your mind. Naturally, no distractions like music and talking on the job are permitted. Dr. Saad Saad would say to his younger that no goal is impossible with some work. At the of the day people’s lives rely on him being successful and he has to stay on task.¬†Learn more:¬†https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview

In the last part of the interview, Dr. Saad Saad answers a few off-topic questions. He would tell people that if a Palestinian refugee can be successful, then so can you. Traveling to Lebanon for the ECFMG exam was one of the best purchases he claims to have ever made. At the end, when asked about which book he would recommend, Dr. Saad Saad advises any book about President Abraham Lincoln. Since he was actively involved in freeing the slaves. He is very lucky to be involved in a profession that has a huge impact on people. Dr. Saad Saad has been a wonderful doctor in the industry. His legacy will not quickly be forgotten.