Elysium’s Basis: Helping Your Cellular Health

When you wake up you probably begin your well-established morning routine. You get up, take a shower, eat some breakfast, brush your teeth, etc. But what if you could also add supporting your cellular health to that routine as well?

That is what Elysium Health wanted to provide when it set out to create a daily supplement that helps your cellular health, translating advanced in science and technology into clinically validated products that work.

Basis is a daily supplement that Elysium Health created to begin fulfilling that mission. Basis works to boost NAD+ levels in our cells. This valuable coenzyme helps regulate our sleep cycles, protect our DNA, and create cellular energy. Our bodies produce it naturally, but as we age the levels of NAD+ begin to decline and those functions break down. Basis maintains higher NAD+ levels in order to support those cellular functions.

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Elysium Health has made sure that the company can back up its claims when it comes to Basis. The idea behind Basis is based on 25 years of prior research. The supplement itself has been clinically tested and proven to increase NAD+ levels by an average of 40 percent. It has also been quality tested by an independent third party. Elysium Health also works together with some of world-leading scientists from schools like Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge.

If you are prepared to order Basis for yourself, then you can do so through Elysium Health’s website. A six-month subscription to the supplement costs $270, working out to be $45 a month. You can also simply subscribe to Basis for $50 each month for as long as you’d like or buy an individual jar of Basis for $60. Each jar of Basis comes with 60 capsules and the recommended daily dose of the supplement is two capsules daily.