Fabletics Continues to See Success in Other Models

The original selling style of Fabletics was to create a personalized experience for everyone who was shopping with the company. When people made the decision to join Fabletics, they were offered a small collection of things that would work for their own style. This, of course, was easy for customers to change and they could still browse the other offerings that the site had but the reverse showroom model made it easy for the brand to pick out the clothes that would be perfect for the customer who was shopping for athleisure wear and other accessories that go hand in hand with the brand.


With other companies, there is a chance that the customers will not buy from the online store that they are shopping with. This is a problem because the stores need to make sure that they are converting the customers that they have into sales that they can take advantage of. Fabletics makes sure that customers are getting exactly what they need so that they are not just using the Fabletics site to try and browse the options that they have while planning to go a different route altogether with the shopping experience in a different store.


She has been with them through many changes and now, with the introduction of other selling opportunities for the brand, she knows that Fabletics is going to continue to flourish. The idea behind the company is providing convenience to women and, as a woman who puts a lot of value into convenient options for her own busy life, it is something that Kate can truly get behind.


As the company continues to grow into something that is so much bigger than a simple online pop-up location, they are planning on reaching out to other selling platforms. The most logical platform for them to go to next is Amazon. There, they won’t have to compete with themselves and they can enjoy the huge customer base that Amazon already has with both their fashion and their athletic customers. The move to include Amazon also goes in line with them spreading out into other areas – like brick and mortar retail – so that they can truly make the most out of their sales.

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