Greg James Aziz, The Man Who Single-Handedly Transformed National Steel Car Into A World Leader

It takes a dedicated, committed and passionate leader to help a business excel 1and these are qualities National Steel Car’s Chief executive officer, Gregory James Aziz possesses.


Born in 1949 in Ontario, James Aziz is the perfect definition of excellent leadership. Under his belt, National Steel Car, a company which was once on the throes of failure became one of the leading firms in railroad freight and tank car manufacturing. It, however, took relentless efforts and a lot of dedication to achieve what he has accomplished today. Below is the journey of the renowned Gregory James Aziz and National steel car.


How the journey began

James Aziz was not born CEO of National Steel Car, and neither was it a family business. Instead, he was born in London Ontario where he had to start his journey towards the apex of success like anyone else, and that is by getting academically ready. Greg James Aziz first enrolled at Ridley College where he qualified to join Western Ontario University. From his early days, Greg J Aziz was always interested in numbers and how the economy works which us why he majored in economics.


As soon as he saw the completion of his studies, instead of leaving his hometown in search of better pastures, Gregory decided that the grass at home was greener which is why he joined affiliated foods, his family business. Working here helped him lay an excellent foundation for his future career. By the time he was leaving affiliate foods, Greg had helped turn it into an international food company, importing fresh vegetables from all over the world and distributing them to other regions at wholesale price. View More Information Here.


He later left for New York where he worked with several prominent firms in the banking sector, and it is while here that he first encountered National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz used to work out their finances while working for a certain bank and thus learned about the financial trouble that the firm was undergoing. Being a man with a vision, he began chasing for its purchase, and in 1994, he procured the company under his name. Six years later, Gregory J Aziz had managed to steer National Steel Car out of its death bed and turned it into one of the world’s leading railroad freight companies. He increased its production by more than a 100% from 12000 cars to 35000 cars and even benefitted the community through jobs.


Today National Steel Car is a world leader in the production of railroad stock and has bagged awards such as the esteemed ISO90001:2008 and the TTX SECO quality award consistently for over a decade. Greg Aziz is indeed a leader who most business owners should emulate.


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