Jim Tananbaum Wins Over and Over Again

INC42 describes Jim Tananbaum as not the ordinary and average business mogul. He is more like a triple threat in reverse. Instead of eliminating competing businesses and their leaders in the field which he serves, Jim combines and collaborates with them. This type of cooperation is not often seen in the dog-eat-dog world of business. But, then again, neither is the work experience and education that he holds.

In an article on Biz Journals, as founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Foresite Capital it is Jim Tananbaum’s personal mission and professional business to make relationships with leaders in the healthcare industry. Once a relationship is established, the process of growing that business begins. It requires capital, networks and intelligence, all of which Jim and his organization provides.

Foresite Capital is not the first business success that Jim Tananbaum has under his belt. In the past, he is known for co-founding Geltex Pharmaceuticals and Theravance Inc. Both of these companies’ contributions in the field of healthcare have enormous monetary and cache value. But these are not the only ventures in which he is a co-founder. Prospect Venture Partners, owes some part of its origins to Jim’s efforts and can-do attitude. When it comes to raising capital in the healthcare field, Jim Tananbaum is known for his novelty and innovation.

Jim Tananbaum can accredit all of this business success to his education, which includes a BS (Bachelors of Science) in electrical engineering from Yale University, an MD (Medical Director) from Harvard Medical School and an MBA (Master’s Business Administration) form Harvard Business School. His academic mentors include George Whitesides, Rick Klausner, Roy Vagelos, Bob Gunderson and Rick Levin.

The inception to creation of Foresight Capital is more than 25 years of planning, steady service and experience built into one business model. The design of the company is the result of all these factors and a few more with the key ingredient being passion and persistence. It takes a lot of team work phone calls, meeting and portfolio management to keep the Foresight moving forward. Most importantly, the business runs off of leadership. Without it, there really is no foresight to bring people together.

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