Lacey and Larkin still advocating for human rights even after Arpaio’s pardon

Cases of human rights violation in the United States has always been there. However, there are cases which are worse than others. Some of the worst cases that have happened in the country have involved mistreatment of the minorities. Immigrants have been the greatest victims of all cases of human rights violations in the United States.

These crimes are ongoing to date, and that’s why there are human right groups who are pressuring the government to obey the human rights as stated in the UN Charter. Human rights are supposed to make all human beings equal, but when some government officials are rolling out their plans, they do not observe them.

Immigrants in the county of Maricopa, Arizona understand what it is like to be discriminated better. These are people who underwent the terrible rule of Joe Arpaio. This is a man who did not respect the right of immigrants to lead a good life just like any other persons. As long as you were an illegal immigrant while he was the sheriff of the county, you were not spared.

In fact, his rule as the Sheriff of the county remains one of the worst in modern history. He almost took the people back to the era of slavery through the actions he took on illegal immigrants. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

These people were treated like animals. There was no right for them. They were arrested, placed in horrible concentration camps before deportation to their countries of origin. Almost all the immigrants had come from the southern country of Mexico.

In implementing the tasks that were placed on his office, Joe Arpaio did not consider the rights of the people. He broke the human and civil rights with recklessness.

He did not recognize that they also needed to be treated like human beings. In what was seen as a blatant case of human rights violations. Joe Arpaio made sure that he had his concentration camps where he would imprison those he arrested. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The actions of Joe Arpaio caused an uproar from many corners after journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin exposed him, the two were the founders of a paper known as Phoenix New Times. The paper concentrated on the action of the Sheriff so much that he became of human right groups from all over the country.

Arpaio was taken to court, but not even the courts would stop him. He was determined to see that all immigrants were ejected out of the county by all means possible.

For many years, Joe Arpaio had used his office to hinder investigations into his conduct. When he was finally defeated in elections of 2017, it looked like he was going to be taken through the court’s system so that he could answer of the crimes he committed. Human rights groups and media personalities such as Lacey and Larkin hoped that they could finally see justice happen.

However, this was just wishful thinking which did not happen. At a time when he was about to be sentenced, he received a presidential pardon from his friend, President Trump. The efforts of the people to push for punitive action on the sheriff went down the drain.