Sahm Adrangi Dicusses Ad Fraud

Sahm Adrangi was recently a speaker at the Kase Learn Conference held on March 3rd, 2018. The focus of his presentation was advertisement fraud and how companies paying for online advertising campaigns or being taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies.

To begin his presentation, Sahm Adrangi explained that his company, Kerrisdale Capital, has been in operation for 9 years and managing nearly $180 million dollars. The company, he says is heavily involved in short activism and they began publishing their research on short selling in 2010. He says that fraudulent Chinese companies existed in the market during that era and short sellers helped eradicate between 10 to 20 billion dollars worth of money entrusted to these companies. He went on to say that that the company is now concentrating primarily on more complicated sectors of the US market.

From there, Sahm Adrangi went on to explain some of the ways Kerrisdale Capital shares research with the public. The company shares information through their website, they will post to information to the Seeking Alpha website, and also share information via Twitter where the company’s handle is Keer. In addition to publishing information, he or other company representatives will also appear on CNBC or Bloomberg Television.

Sahm Adrangi then got into the heart of his presentation explaining that advertisement fraud is a method of falsely representing the number of online clicks or impressions in order to falsely generate revenue.

He explained one common method that scammers are using as follows; the scammers will create a fake website, then using software they will create views to the website using that software, no humans are visiting the website and the traffic is all artificial. The scammers will then take money from companies looking to advertise their products. They will then pocket the money and the company that paid for the advertising will see no return on their investment. Another example of advertisement fraud he explained is known as click fraud, this occurs when scammers use software to artificially click on an ad instead of humans.

Sahm Adrangi went on to say companies are beginning to become aware these types of advertising fraud are occurring and many may soon alter where they invest their advertising budgets in the future. This could affect many companies who rely heavily on these companies investing much of their advertising budget to purchase online ads. He believes this could present an opportunity for short sellers in the future.

Digital Loan Application Process Brought into Function by GreenSky Credit

It has not been long since GreenSky Credit launched their online platform for loan application that has transformed the way customers can access credit from the financial institutions. The process has been made super-easy compared to the traditional process which involved some tedious steps that were very frustrating for the customer. Nowadays, the credit consumers can happily access funds borrowed from the financial institutions using an online platform that has been invented by GreenSky Credit. To ensure that the platform benefits the majority of the credit consumers in the market, GreenSky has entered into contracts with the smaller lenders, contractors and the merchants who sell home improvement products and other products that the consumers may be likely to require but lack adequate funding.

For instance, a contractor may be having clients who require construction services and may be construction materials. Since the contractors may be incapable of offering the products and the services to the customers on credit, the client is left with the option to seek a loan from the financial institutions. This becomes so discouraging to the customers after considering the amount of time and effort that they are likely to use before they access the funds. They prefer to remain in the status quo than the hassles that they are likely to experience with the creditors. To save the customers all this agony, GreenSky Credit comes into the picture and signs an agreement with the contractors. These contractors are mandated to provide the customers with the materials that they require on credit.

After the services are delivered to the customers, they are supposed to repay the amount owing to the contractor within pre-agreed installments and period. The contractors then have the assurance of GreenSky Credit that after the provision of the services they would get reimbursed for their stock. After the client pays back the debt, it goes to the Greensky, and also the lenders pay some small commission for the financial security they get from GreenSky. To make the process easier and less tedious, GreenSky Credit has come up with a digital platform that allows these transactions to be carried out easily and without a lot of movements by the customers.

Shervin Pishevar: Does He Have Economic Answers?

Do you ever stop and wonder if the people that you receive advice from are really the characters that have the answers? It is common to wonder about this. After all, why is it that we value the opinion of someone we see on television when we know little about their background. Stop being that person and start listening to what Shervin Pishevar has to say about the economy.

Shervin Pishevar has earned the respect of many for his economic insights. As an early investor in Uber he enriched himself greatly in ways that would allow him to have a bigger platform in life in general. Thus, he made it possible to feel a sense of comfort for those who listen to what he has to say. They just get the feeling that he is right about the things he speaks about.

Among the things that you can check out about Shervin Pishevar right now is a recent tweet storm that he did to raise awareness of particular economic issues that he thinks are particularly relevant at a time like this. He wanted to start out by saying that the stock market is incredibly high compared to its actual value at this particular time. He was not afraid to step on a few toes by saying that. He just wanted to get his point across.

Shervin Pishevar thinks that the market is overbought by at least twenty percent. He also thinks that some people are starting to realize this and are rushing over to Bitcoin and other investment products to try to generate a return for themselves. That is not the way to go either says Pishevar. He worries that Bitcoin is overpriced at a time like this as well. He thinks that investing in it right now is foolish, but he also believes that there is a time and place to put money into this currency. Wait until it falls to between two and five thousand dollars per Bitcoin he says.

All in all we have to recognize that Pishevar has some solid points. You may or may not agree with all that he has to say, but you have to respect that he goes out of his way to say what he feels.