The Benefits of Technology in Prisons

The Story Of Robert Johnson

Recently, did an article about Robert Johnson. Robert Johnson is an individual who formally worked as a correctional officer in the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. In 2010, Johnson was shot multiple times in his stomach at his home. This was an apparent act of retaliation. This act that was initiated by an inmate who called a hit on him from prison using a contraband cell phone. Robert Johnson had been working as a correctional officer for 15 years, and his job was to confiscate contraband from inmates. It appears that an inmate was upset because Johnson had intercepted a package that was originated from a gang, and it contained around $50,000 worth of contraband. Johnson was barely able to escape with his life, and the person who tried to kill him believed that he was dead.


Now, Johnson is working to keep cell phones out of prison completely. Every year, thousands of cell phones are confiscated from prisoner. These are cell phones that can be used to carry out horrific crimes outside of prison.


Phone Blocking Technology Is Needed In US prisons

The state of Georgia there was a horrific crime that was carried out on a nine-month-old baby. Kendarius Edwards was killed in his home in a murder that was orchestrated by three inmates who called out a hit on the baby because they were angry at his uncle. This crime shows the danger of cell phones in prison. Johnson now works for Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is a company that uses technology to keep prisons safe. Securus Technologies uses a Wireless Containment System. This is a system that is able to stop phone calls made by inmates. It is not enough to just confiscate cell phones; it has been made clear that it is virtually impossible to be able to find all cell phones that are possessed by inmates. This Wireless Containment System is able to put up a cell phone network. This network stops any calls from dialing out from a cell phone. The antenna that is used for this wireless network can intercept any phone calls that are coming or going from the prison.


Info About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been able to block around 1.7 million inmate calls around the country, so this is technology that is truly stopping crime. Securus Technologies is a security company that uses technology to keep prisons safe. This is a company that is based in United States, and it was started in 1986. Securus Technologies is a company that has contracts with more than 1.2 million inmates who are in prisons throughout the US. Securus Technologies has been able to acquire government services technologies, patents, and partner agreements. Securus Technologies has been one of the main companies that provides telephone service to inmates in prisons in the US.