The Impressive Career and Attributes Of Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg specializes in Executive Recruitment and Talent Acquisition. She is based out of New York and works for Duetsche Bank. Her studies in philosophy were completed while she attended Brooklyn College but she continued her education and studied law. Her career began when she worked as a director of candidate placement for Hudson. Ms. Zuckerberg continued to work for Hudson for five years. Her recruitment’s included support staff, case managers, paralegals and attorneys. She served Hudson faithfully and her duties included providing details about the jobs she recruited for and promotions and benefits. Due to her previous pursuit of law she was able to serve as a link between management and the employees. This was in case any problems or issues associated with the work place surfaced. She resolved these problems using compliance and the legal framework. This showed her strength in employee counseling and coaching as well with conflict resolution.


Ms. Zuckerberg left Hudson in 2007 and went to work for Citi Global Consumer Bank as the Executive Recruiter. She helped the management by giving advise on numerous strategies for recruitment and trends for compensation. This gave the company an edge over their competition. She provided valuable insights on acquiring talent and supplied ideas for planning in a competitive market. She participated in a very complex acquisition of talent and recruitment including relocation, negotiating equity buyouts, clawbacks and immigration. She additionally managed international and expatriate relocation which reflected her skill at locating and sourcing talent worldwide. Due to her skills and exceptional performance she became the executive recruiter for Citi Global in 2017. This was the job that gave her the in depth exposure she needed regarding the recruitment process. This was her first experience in identifying which candidate would bring the most productivity to the company. The hiring of the correct talent is not only the way to become successful in this field it is also an art. Once Ms. Zuckerberg had handled the highest level of recruitment in all of the different branches she became empowered with skills, knowledge and information in recruitment, management, audits, compliance and legal.


Ms. Zuckerberg eventually left Citi Group and became a part of the New York Life Insurance Company. She provided full support for recruiting throughout the company and at all different levels. She also worked with the senior management and was responsible for finding business strategies that offered real solutions. She currently works for Deutsche Bank in Talent Acquisition and helps with the counseling and coaching needed for the recruitment of executive groups. She additionally leads the procedures used to hire MD level positions and is responsible for the negotiations. Ms. Zuckerberg has a lot of different roles and responsibilities from recruitment to business management to managing clients. She ensure the company only uses the best possible practices for recruitment.



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