The U.S. Money Reserve Introduces Perth Mint 65th Anniversary Coronation Set U.S. Exclusive

The U.S. Money Reserve is bringing a brand new three coin set dedicated to the 65th Anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II to U.S. shores. This low mintage set was the brainchild of the Perth Mint and U.S. Money Reserve is the exclusive distributor of this set in the United States.

Dedicated to the Queen

Millions of people worldwide tuned in to view the coronation of Elizabeth II in June of 1953. Her Majesty’s coronation came on the heels of a devastating World War which had destroyed much of Europe.

Her ascension to the throne marked the beginning of a more prosperous era that shed the shackles of the wartime era and embraced modernity.

For this reason, U.S. Money Reserve and The Perth Mint of Australia have joined forces to memorialize forever this special day.

The Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Proof Set comes with three coins. A 2oz gold proof, 1/4 gold proof and finally a 1oz silver proof coin. All three coins are originally issued by the Perth Mint and are legal tender in Australia.

While this set was initially issued by the Perth Mint, U.S. Money Reserve was able to obtain exclusive rights to distribute the proofs here in the United States.

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