UKV PLC Gives French Wine Insight For Novices

In a recent article that was posted in the French Tribune, UKV PLC gives tips and advice for individuals diving into the complex world of discerning French wines. It is a complex task because French wines have a variety of nuances, flavor, and depth that can make the process seem a bit overwhelming for novices. To start, French wines are labeled according to the region from which the grapes were grown rather than the grape variety as with most other types of wines. The different styles of wine making are designated by region or appellation.

According to UKV PLC, appellation d’origin control is the top classification for French wines. The French have a concept that the area of origin designates the creation of the wine, and is called terroir. The topography, climate, soil, and altitude all play a part in the production and final product that is bottled and sold. The article points out that there are few regions to know about and understand when it comes to picking wines. Burgundy wine uses both white and red grapes and has earthy notes and a bold flavor. Bordeaux wines are usually a blend of several grapes and are widely exported to other regions. Bordeaux wines usually are a medium body and a distinctive flavor. Champagne is the designation given to sparkling wine created in the Champagne region of France. Loire wine is the most diverse. Most of the wines in the area are a light body and the Upper Loire area creates more Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc.

UKV PLC is a premier wine distributor. They specialize in the most sought after wines including those from France. UKV PLC offers a full-service option that helps potential buyers discern which selections best fit their individual needs for not only special occasions but for investment purposes.

UKV PLC is an authority on specialty wines and Champagne. Their knowledgeable staff can assist from beginning to purchase with every individual need. UKV PLC is one of the top vintners in the U.K. and takes pride in delivering excellence with their bonded wines and an incredible selection that is sure to please their customers.

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