Waiakea Water Company Stands Out in Bottled Water Industry

The bottled water industry has registered a significant increase in the numbers companies in the recent past. A quick check in local stores will present you with a long list of alternative brands to choose from. A business that didn’t look lucrative a few years ago, bottled water is now estimated to be a $100 billion industry globally with Italians listed as the highest consumers.

Many individuals previously wondered why people would buy bottled water yet they have the commodity running through their taps. The business has eventually grown into a multi-billion dollar industry leaving many wondering as to whether we’ll soon see bottled rays or air industries. Competition is increasingly becoming tighter in the bottled water business. Each of the distribution companies now claims to provide the most unique product in the market. Common positioning strategies include quality filtration process and infusion with vitamins among others.

Waiakea Water Stands Out

Waiakea water is bottled in Hawaii making many of its current, as well as potential consumers, believe in the product’s natural benefits. Using the Hawaiian language in its branding have equally helped in distinguishing Waiakea from several other competing products. However, the main aspect that has sustained the company’s reputation in the market is its unique filtration process. The natural volcanic water is filtered through a 14,000 feet Mauna and Loa volcano.

Waiakea’s Sustainable Packaging

Unlike other bottled water companies, Waiakea cares for the environment. The company is reported to begin using their 100 percent recyclable plastic bottles in 2018, making them the first company in the world to use a fully degradable plastic bottle.

Founded in 2012, Waiakea is the first Hawaiian bottled natural volcanic water. Waiakea, Inc. is Carbon Neutral certified since they make use of low emission vehicles during distribution. The firm channels about 3 percent of its revenue towards community initiatives and humanitarian organizations. For a liter of water sold, Waiakea donates a 7 day supply of water to those in need of the commodity in Malawi.

Ryan Emmons, the founder of Waiakea Water Company, has over the years maintained his commitment towards building an ethical, healthy, and sustainable bottled water brand globally.